Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Key To Everything

The Key To Everything
by Valerie Fraser Luesse
5 stars.  Thank you to Revell, a division of Baker Publishing, for sending me this book to review.  This is my second book to review from the author- Valerie Fraser Luesse- and it was my favorite thus far.  (I highly recommend her book Almost Home, too).

Why did this one stand out... it was a story of finding yourself through a journey.  I think it is ironic this is the third book with the main story line being a bike journey for me in 2020.  I'm not a big fan of biking, so don't see me taking to the road, but I will live vicariously through these bikers' stories.  

Peyton, the main character, is 15 years of age.  He has had some major changes come about in his life, within a short period of time: father back from WWII Pacific theater, has a girl he's dating- Lisa, father is dealing with PTSD/alcoholism after returning from the war, an accident occurs sending Peyton to live with his Aunt Gert for awhile, and there is this bike trip his dad did when he was 15 years of age from St. Augustine, Florida to Key West always rumbling around in his head.  

The bike trip is the backbone of the story.  Peyton is pondering following in his father's footsteps and doing the long ride to Key West as a way to reconnect with his father.  Events occur and the bike trip happens.  I loved the people he met along his journey to Key West.  I loved the side story of his parent's relationship. I also appreciated the way Peyton's own love story evolved during this book, because it didn't take away the lime light from the story as a whole.  

I flew through the 352 pages in 2 days as it was an engaging read and also a great get-away read (a book that takes you away from your own reality).  I look forward to reading her first book "Missing Isaac" and any new books on the reading horizon.