Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Daily Question...

The Daily Question for You and Your Child: A Three Year Spiritual Journal
By WaterBrook

I was lucky enough to be sent this daily journal/question book to review by WaterBrook, #PRHpartner. @WaterBrookMultnomah #Partner

This book is a daily journal in which one question is to be answered by you and your children. It is a way to connect and sometimes stimulate conversation. 

I was a little concerned that this book/questions would be too immature for my oldest- teenager going into 8th grade. I was pleasantly surprised to find the questions are appropriate for all ages. 

My kids the first night we sat down to answer the first question in this daily journal enjoyed it so much we spent 20 more minutes going backwards an answering questions for the days prior. 

The book has a question for every day of the year and three years/cycles in which to go through the questions. It will be fun to see if the answers change with aging of them and me. I love the way this type of book utilizes writing, reading and discussion skills. This would make for a great present for friends and family.