Sunday, October 6, 2019

Christmas in Winter Hill

Christmas in Winter Hill by Melody Carson
4 stars. When I saw this book was a possible review book I signed up right away. I love Christmas stories. Although we aren’t in the Christmas season yet I’m always ready for a holiday book. I’m one of those people, that if allowed by my family- which I’m not, I would listen to Christmas songs year round. This book is a definite Christmas songs/background music kind of book. 

Emily and her mother Krista move from Phoenix, AZ to a small town- Winter Hill in Washington. Krista has been hired as the new city manager. She was so eager to start a new life and leave Phoenix that she might have skipped some vital information gathering on her new job. For instance, the town hosts a Christmasville celebration every year. What’s the problem with that? Well Krista doesn’t like Christmas. You’ll have to read to get the rest of the story. There is a little relationship and mystery tossed in to make this story believable  

I enjoyed this fast read and am grateful to Revell, a division of Baker Publishing, for sending me this book to review. Overall read like a Hallmark movie but a little abrupt finish at the end didn’t get it the 5 star review. I will be checking out her other titles which many have a Christmas theme in the title. If they are anything like this book they’d make for great Christmas/Holiday reading.