Sunday, August 16, 2015

July Reads

Lordy--- has it really been a month since I've written a post?  Yeppers.  Well here goes- the reading I did in July- hope nothing shocks you :).

Liberty by Ellen Miles
Another Puppy Place saga daughter and I enjoyed together.  It was an appropriate story about a puppy found on the fourth of July.  We finished it on July 1st.  Although, not a high brow read, spending time reading next to my youngest is so well worth the lack of plot and character development. 

Vanessa and Her Sister by Priya Pamar
Interesting read about Vanessa Bell and her sister Virginia Wolff.  Amazed by the research that must have gone into getting the background notes for this book. Again I think a well written book but the relationship issues and family issues made it not a real enjoyable read. However, planning to look for Vanessa Bell art as I was unaware of her before this book.

Just Do It: How One Couple Turned Off the TV and Turned On Their Sex Lives for 101 Days by Douglas Brown
I know I can't imagine what some of the "bookies" are saying reading this, if they read it :).  They are wondering- "What the Heck".  Well this was a book club book for my husband and I.  We have been trying to read books together and then discuss them as this leads to making me happy by spending time reading and discussing and makes him happy by spending some needed time together.  This was his pick for our July Book. It was an interesting read.  I really thought I would be reading some pretty graphic and not so "chatty natty" material, but alas as with so many things we read we can pull out the topics that are of interest to us.  Me- relationships and bettering one's relationship with those I love- is definitely a topic I can read about.  Me- not so much- reading about going to the Porn Convention in Las Vegas (really can't ever fathom me walking into that type of venue- I'd be so embarrassed and laugh a lot- for as outgoing as I am that scene isn't me).  So this book was actually pretty good.  I liked the guys writing.  I was a little worried that the story would become slow.  Really, how many pages can go on and on about one couple's sex life.  But there of course was more to it.  My tough part of the book was not all the sex, sex, sex, it was the wife.  She just was to perfect.  She was a stay at home mom, who worked also out of home while watching two girls at home- the one sounded like a real piece of work because of comments of only being able to be calmed by her dad- "whisper time".  And this mom didn't have any TV or cable to help keep her kids busy and give herself a little "me time"- like maybe I've been known to do in my life as a "mom".  She also was a foody, really clean, healthy, "make her own bread" foody.  She was into yoga and it was her idea to try for 100 nights in a row of sex- no really- I kid not- her idea- she's like woman of the year right?  So reading about this perfect wife somewhat drove me nuts.  Hubby and I had an interesting attempt at discussing the book.  I was irritated with the wife still so couldn't really discuss the book rationally.  Plus our youngest interrupted the discussion because she needed one of us to help her get to sleep- talk about book club downer. 

The Last Treasurer by Janet S. Anderson
This was a YA book about a kid who of course is being raised by his father because his mother has died.  I swear most YA books the kids are either left with just one parent or no parents.  Can't figure out why that is.  Anyways, this book the main character is part of a family in which treasure has been found in various houses in a square that many of the family members live in.  It is a good, quick read.

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf
Excellent Book Club book for July.  This is a story that is not a feel good, but because of the mystery it is an interesting, and I thought enticing read.  I kept reading because I wanted to know what the outcome was going to be.  I liked how each chapter was titled with the name of the person who's perspective that chapter is written or told from.  Her chapters were also short so it made for an almost "dialogue" like style of storytelling.  One person's view one chapter, another person's view another chapter.  I'm always impressed with people who can come up with this type of story line and keep it interesting until the end.  Really well done.

And that's all folks- onto August (well I"m already halfway done with this month- some more great reads already and it is only day 15).