Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Training week 4- 70.3 and one week countdown to Pigman Sprint

So last week I had to travel at the end of the week for my grandpa's funeral and the beginning of this week I had to travel back from my grandpa's funeral, plus took a side stop at home to help my mom with my grandma who had to take a little visit to ER for a fall.  Anyways, after all that driving and "life" I look back and am happy with what I accomplished this week.  Even though looking back also brings out some not great chattynatty memories of training and my reaction to when the training gets challenging...

My mileage for the week:
Swam 2600 yds
Biked 39 miles
Ran 14.72 miles

So overall when I type out this mileage I'm again astounded due to the fact that Tuesday and Wednesday I was driving from VA back to home.  However, it was a mentally tough week (not sure how much my grandpa's death played into it- strange but I still haven't really cried yet- I'm one of those weird people who death hits me at the most strange and normally inopportune times- so I'm just waiting for the water works to hit sometime soon).  It was also a physically challenging week- 30 miler on the bike was tough and I came ill prepared for fuel and so was hungry the last hour of my ride.  My body finally succumbed to the swim. I normally don't feel overall body fatigue after swimming, but this past week I swam Friday 2000 (a combo of 500 meters x 4 with a minute break between each set) and then Saturday I swam in open water for the first time. 

I thought the open water swim was going to be easy- not a piece of cake, but if I swam 2000 meters the day before why couldn't I swim a easy 500 meters in open water with a wet suit on, which the "coach" had talked up like it was going to significantly cut down my swim time, because it did his. 

Well lets just say the best way to describe how it went was:  

 Picture A - what I saw when I went under for the first time. 
Picture B- was what I thought I was going to see and didn't so the start/entry into water wasn't that clear which led to some apprehension. I didn't think it would be pristine water, but did think I would have some visibility.
 I started swimming and just couldn't catch my breath.  I didn't think the wet suit felt like it was helping.  I felt like an anvil sinking with arms that were struggling to make the stroke.  I sounded like I was having an asthma attack/ wheezing when stopping my free style stroke to do breast stroke.  Sighting is a needed thing in triathlon swimming in open water, because unfortunately there are nice lines marked on the bottom of lakes for you to follow.  I wasn't horrible with staying in a straight line, but I did tend to veer off every now and again, and I've been pre-warned not to just follow the body/bodies in front of me during a race because it can become a bad game of "following the leader" and the "leader" may not know where the heck he/she is going.  My body did not feel all buoyant like I thought it would, unless I flipped over onto my back and then I floated like nobody's business; but you see swimming on your back isn't really that effective for a triathlon- more of an emergency type stroke or Plan B for the triathlete that starts to struggle during the open water swim.  I swam about 4 lengths of the perimeter and each time I reached the roped area/floating perimeter pieces of wood I would take a break and try to catch my breath.  After the fourth I time I went in and sat on the shore, while the kids played with their sand toys and watched my " non-swimming hubby" go back and forth looking like this open water swimming thing was no big deal. 

So the "coach" (aka hubby) came up to the shore as he was concerned something was wrong with me and I just let it go- not huge sobbing or anything, but just cried and vented a little about how freaked out I was about how poorly this was all going.  And not just thinking about the here and now and the week away sprint triathlon, but the "WTF did I do signing up for a 70.3 tri with a 1.2 mile swim" feeling in the back of my mind.  As he always does he had a logical response and answers. 
"This is your first time in the wet suit".  "You just have to get use to it".  "Next Sunday is only 500 meter swim and you will be middle of the pack"... "Lots of beginners like us will be there next weekend with less training and experience than the two of us"... "you'll be fine".  "Don't think about August Tri now, plus you have two months to train". Following his comments I also got a pat on the back from my youngest who said, "mommy you just have to practice, practice, practice".   All of this made me feel better and I made myself get back in and do two more lengths of the perimeter.  However, this experience really did screw with my brain.  My body felt extremely fatigued the rest of the day which didn't help my mental fatigue because I kept thinking how the hell am I going to survive the swim to only have to get on my bike and ride 15 miles and follow it up with a 5K.   

Luckily I have had the great fortune of becoming friends with a member of the tri group I joined in January.  She is also the person who did the "coach's" and my swim evaluation back in January. She also is getting ready to "swim Alcatraz" so she knows a little about open water swimming.  She talked me down off the ledge and told me I just needed to get back out there again.  So even though the following work out really occurred just yesterday (meaning week 5 training) I will share that I swam much better. I met her early at the same Lake/Reservoir and talked about what I struggled with: murky water/low visibility, inability to catch my breath and just feeling extremely fatigued during and after the swim.  She gave me some pointers: really utilize my hands going into the water as propelling machines and pushing through the water to really "go the distance".  Relax and remember to site ever so often as to not waste energy swimming all over the place. She watched me and said she didn't understand why I was breathing the way I was breathing, because she felt like my stroke looked good and that I wasn't "flailing around in the water". She was trying to be nice, but thought my breathing was more mental induced than physical. I still had a hard time breathing, but I felt better than Saturday's swim and I was able to not feel so fricking drained after the swim.  I don't think I will have time to get another open water swim in before Sunday, but I do plan on heading back to the pool at least once to try and just keep swimming and working on my form/technique. 

The swim really was the toughest part of last week's training.  The 30 mile bike went well and the runs all were good.  Well almost all the runs were good, by Sunday my body started retaliating I have felt sore (left leg cramp during run- which I never get, and right lateral knee pain during run too). 

So the answer is to get rest (have to get good sleep this week), eat better (going back to healthier eating choices, although I'm putting in a lot of exercise hours my weight has increased due to all the reward type eating- "Oh I ran 7 miles today I can eat a bag of peanut M&Ms and have a few beers after dinner", etc, etc.  I am also reminding myself this week of that great line "if it was easy everybody would do it".  This can be used in so many facets of life.  My problem is I don't always do well with challenges- sometimes I just want to be good without trying very hard, however, that just isn't me- I'm average at a lot of things and so I have to put the work in to maintain that average status in the "playing field" too.  I'm not doing these Triathlons to get medals (I'm not going to place in the top 3 :)).  However, I do want to do the best I can knowing that I gave my training schedule my all.  I truly feel, other than the food part, I've been putting my all in- getting the workouts in despite the "life issues" of the past weeks so when I dove into the water on Saturday and saw this...

and realized how tough open water swimming was going to be for me- I was really frustrated.  Moving onto a new week and focusing on rest, stretching, eating, and mental relaxation is my goal- not the miles or the number of workouts.  I'm hoping my body's physical and mental fatigue is just occurring as it has in past training periods (marathon training mainly) as a reminder to step back and take some time off to get ready for the "big dance".  I'll let you know how well I "dance" on Sunday.

PS- word to the wise for anyone interested in Triathlons- please don't let the above info about open water swimming deter you.  After my horrible day on Saturday I connected with some of my tri buddies via facebook and they said this was completely normal and common for first open water swim and that it only gets better from here.  Plus can't be too horrible- I went back two days later and am planning to go back many more times this summer. As Dory says "Just Keep Swimming". 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My grandpa and me.

So I missed the first meeting of a writing group I'm joining. (I know, I know some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking "what is she doing adding another thing to her 'to do list'". I missed it for a good reason- my Grandpa passed away. He was 91 and lived a very full life, so I was not sad or grieving over the loss of him,but I was and am sad about the loss of all that he symbolized and stood for: Virginia, family,childhood, vacations, and life.

My dad moved to Illinois right out of college and worked his whole life as an engineer for a corporation that had a plant in a suburb of Chicago. Despite living in Illinois he traveled, then my mom and he, add me and finally add my sister traveled to Virginia many times over the years (at least twice/year until I was in highschool). When I became a college student, then adult, then wife, and then mom I still traveled to visit my grandparents and dad's family.

This traveling and time with my extended family has made me very much whom I am today- love to tell and hear stories, love to travel, and love to be with family (just to name a few).

So I missed writing group, but I wrote anyways. I wrote and read the following at my grandfather's funeral on Monday.

"Many of you know my grandpa Carbaugh and know about his love for family, trains, and baseball. However, many of you might not know how very tender hearted he was. He had a true love for his family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The first time I ever saw my dad cry happened to be the first time I saw my grandma and Grandpa cry. Men crying has always made a strong impression on me. My dad and grandpa were letting their whole selves be seen. They were crying because we were leaving the farm.

This event has occurred many times throughout my 37 years of life. I too have shared in these tears. I am forever grateful for my grandfather and grandmother installing the love of family and farm life in my father. My father and mother then instilled in us (my sister and I) this same importance of family and 'farm life'. My sister and I have brought our children along for the ride and they know the importance of family and traveling together. Despite our distance we have traveled with our children 'to the farm' several times.

Thank you grandpa for giving me such a great childhood of memories. My sister and I will never forget the sound of gravel on the farm lane as we pulled into the farm or the tears that were shed when departing the farm.

I'm certain grandpa and grandma will never forget the sound either and hope they are enjoying their travels in heaven- visiting and reliving all the good memories".

These are my reflections. This is my writing.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Training week 3-road to 70.3

One of the pools i swam in this week-Youngstown,OH.

My goal last week-that I put down for this week- was to get all the miles/work outs in.

I really thought it was going to happen and then life happened. My grandpa passed away and I had to travel to Virginia for the funeral. I traveled from Iowa to Indiana, spent night at sister's then headed the next day with sis and mom to Ohio where we would spend the night and then finish the trip the following day. Be with family in VA for three days and then start trek home Tuesday for my sister's- spend night and then end the journey back in Iowa Wed. All in all I would be traveling/gone from home and training routes,pool, etc for almost 1 week.

I freak out even when writing this because I'm a planner and I would have to figure out how to try and get the goal done.

So this is what I did this week:
Monday is normally my rest day, but I hadn't biked enough the week before so I rode trainer for 30 min.
Tuesday I ran 4 miles in the morning then at night got on trainer for 30 minutes.
Wednesday trainer 40 min.
-found out Wed night my grandpa died so my 30 mile bike would be out for Thu dt needing to get house/life in order and leave to drive 5 hours to sister's.
Thursday rode 12 miles in an hour ( totally wanted to bail on bike outside because I was so flustered about grandpa's death and all the logistics of travel, etc). So getting 12 in felt EPIC.
Friday in the drizzling/cold rain ran 8.68 mi followed by 7 mi bike near town where my sister lives. Traveling with my bike made me feel like "wow i just may be a triathlete". I wanted to bike 10 mi but I was ill prepared for elements (feet were frozen and hands were too).
Saturday swam 25 min in pool at hotel- it was clean and I swam alone at 6:30 in the morning, but the pool was tiny and I highly doubt I did much more than 500 yds total. A lot of back n forth. I tried swimming the walls-square formation and kept on kicking into wall or step when making the turn.
Sunday ran 4 miles before breakfast. After church went to indoor pool near hotel- swam 1750. I was dead tired and although I did the distance I cheated by doing 500 of kick board interspersed between the other 1250 of free style. (guy in lane next to me was awesome swimmer-smooth, consistent, and continuous! - super jealous- think he swam 60 min freestyle straight).

So where did I fail- bike. I was short 11 miles. I was also suppose to swim two days of 1500 which I don't think I did.

Where did I win- I pushed through and improvised and did what I could. I swam, bike and/or ran every day this week. I biked,ran and swam in unknown territory.

I get home Wed so after I'm done with this post I get to try and figure out my training schedule for this week.

Life will never stop and so even though I'm a planner I will need to know how to improvise and also know how to push through the chaos of life and get the miles in.

Thanks to my family for helping me figure out how to fit this all in and understanding my need to run,bike and swim while trying to deal with grandpa's passing. Also thanks to my friends who sent such nice thoughts,prayers and sentiments. Your support throughout life is always welcomed. I'm blessed!

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 2 to 70.3

This week I struggled with the rookie question of how do you run races and then maintain your current training plan and not get hurt following a race.  I'll tell you what I did, didn't do, and what I shouldn't have done.

So I ran a good 1/2 marathon for good old me on Sunday and Mondays are rest days- so I took that rest with welcome arms. 

Tuesday I made myself go to the pool at 6 a.m. and swim 1000 yards.  I still have this whole hang up/intimidation factor with swimming and especially going to the "big" pool - 50 yd University wellness center pool (where some pretty phenomenal swimmers swim).  But I got my butt there and put in the time. The swim stank to say the least.  I did the yards, but I felt like I was sinking the whole time.  I just couldn't get my rhythm with my stroke or my breathing.  I felt really out of it. 

Wednesday I went to the gym in the morning and did 15 minutes on the spin bike and legs felt much better and then did 30 minutes of strength training (abs, arms, squats, lunges, etc).  I need to get a more focused routine and make sure I am maximizing this work out time for strength training since I really don't do much of it the rest of the week (another thing to add onto the endless "to do" or "want to do" list).  I was suppose to actually spin for longer that day, but just didn't get it done. 

Thursday morning I biked 23 miles.  I was suppose to bike 25, but at around my almost turn around point a storm came in and a down pour started.  I haven't rode in rain like that since about 3 years ago and it felt good to test myself out in the elements on the road bike.  However, either the rain slowed me down or I'm just slower than I wanted to be- I logged these 23 miles in 2:05 and again this messed with my head because for the 70.3 in August I would like to average 15 miles/hour and that would put me at around 4 hours on the bike- I have to bike a lot faster to reach that goal.  Which may be too much for this first time out of the shoot, but 56 miles at 11 miles/hour puts me at way more time on the bike than I want followed by the 13.1 mile run for the 70.3; so more biking and faster biking I need to do in training.  I was pretty tired after this ride and the next day my inner thighs were sore- that can't sit on a toilet sore- I know TMI, but that brings to any runner or biker's mind the soreness I'm describing. 

Friday I was suppose to do 3 miles pre swim of 1650 yds.  I ended up getting to gym late because of "life errands" (mailing packages, cashing checks, cleaning house, etc).  I ran 1.6 miles in 16 minutes and felt good.  I then met my friend and awesome swimmer Susan at the pool (the big/intimidating one) and she wanted us to swim 50- 50 yards with goal  of each 50 in 1min or less.  So 2500 yd in 50 minutes.  I knew this was lofty and likely unattainable for me.  I tried about 3-4 laps and kept on falling farther and farther behind, but the nice thing about swimming with friends- even if they are faster than you- you are always in the same lane and your end destination is the same wall.  I was able to do 1600 freestyle, 100 breast stroke and 200 kick board for a total of 1900. I felt good and was glad I went over on something I planned to do this week: goal was 1650yd ended up swimming 1900.  Susan has been a great swimming mentor.  She told me that right now I might not be able to do the 50 in 1 minute, but I should shoot for a consistent time to complete each lap in so that helps my speed/endurance in prep for racing. 

Saturday I was suppose to run 7 miles.  Me and the family traveled to Indiana for a family wedding this weekend and I had my oldest with hubby golfing and youngest with grandparents swimming and I went out for my run.  I kind of didn't feel right, right from the get go- just that off feeling.  Sometimes I get mentally challenged with running in unfamiliar places and I don't exactly know the route- I feel like I'm then constantly checking my watch for mileage, etc.  I ran slow, which I was fine with because my goal was distance not time, but as I went along I kind of felt more out of it- almost like that low blood sugar feeling.  But I had a oatmeal about 1 hour prior to running and water with me throughout so I don't think it was low blood sugar or dehydration.  Anyways- about 6.1 miles in I was crossing an intersection- had the walk sign and made it right in front of a car and totally biffed it.  I didn't trip over anything but my own foot and the street below it.  I got a little banged up in the elbow and hand and some blood, but nothing gushing and no broken bones or anything. I popped up and kept on running, horribly embarrassed.  So I took that as a sign that I needed to get my ass back to the hotel and call it quits.  I ran 6.45 miles that day and let me tell you it felt harder and longer than the 1/2 marathon I ran the week before. 

Sunday I was suppose to bike 60 minutes and run 3 miles to fulfill my training for the week, but alas after 7 1/2 hours on the road, traveling back from wedding,  out of the car only to get back into the car to go to daughter's last swim lessons, and of course it being mom's day and all- I decided I'd take a rest. 

So onto week three of training and I did decided to make myself get on the trainer today since I really did rest yesterday.  I was a total wimp and slept in instead of getting up and riding this morning, so due to after school pick up and all that "mom takes care of kids" stuff after work I road the bike for about 30 minutes.  This obviously didn't make up for my lost minutes of biking last week or the few miles I didn't complete running, but I do think that my fall on Saturday into the nicely paved street was a sign that I needed to stop.  My body is not use to running a half and then following up with two swim days, three bike days and three run days.  I'm just not there yet.  So moving on and moving forward to trying to make it a goal this week to get all the time and miles in for all three disciplines.  Keep you posted on how successful I am. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

The eternal balance ?

How do we fit it all in?

How do we get it all done?

How do we make what we do each day worth it so that at the end of our lives we can have no regrets?

Well I don't think anyone has just one magic answer to the above.  I think a lot of life is trial and error and finding out what works for each of us individually at different times.  I have found that I can fit in all that really matters to me and the stuff that doesn't matter doesn't get fit in. Sometimes this means prioritizing and letting some of the stuff in life take a back seat for awhile.  For example, I have stopped shelving books at my kid's library.  It was just one more activity I was trying to cram in for an hour on my Thursday or Friday day off.  Now could I fit it in- Yes- we all can review our schedules and move things around to accommodate, but the fact of the matter was I was getting stressed and literally running around with my head cut off to make sure that hour could be found.  I miss it- don't get me wrong.  I love shelving books for so many reasons (selfishly I look at books while shelving and if one looks interesting I put it in my forever long list of "to read" books, and I also really enjoy being around the kids and watching how the kids use the library).  So once I took that one minor, hour long commitment off my "to do" for the week I freed up some time and wasn't running around so crazily.  I know who would have thought one thing like an hour shelving books would take the stress off.

Now, I know some people would respond you just need to manage your time better.  Instead of writing your blog posts that is when you could be volunteering to shelve books, but sadly sometimes I have to do the things that make me feel happiest/ or pick and choose those activities that really mean something to me in order to feel the best and for me right now- having an hour to write a post gives me more enjoyment than shelving books. 

I don't think anyone can get it "all done" and if they say they are I'm sorry but I think they are lying or don't have very much on their "to do" list.  So I accept that I can't get it "all done" but I do focus on getting the major needs (laundry, cooking, up-keep cleaning) and the wants (reading for myself and the kids, training, hanging out with peeps and family) a priority in my daily life.

I also don't know if I can say that I will end my life with no regrets- I'm a pretty guilt ridden person so I know I will regret something, but by trying to live life to the fullest I hope that those regrets will be minimal and truly insignificant.  Life and balance of life is a never ending work in progress (kind of like my food/alcohol consumption).  If I keep focus though I hope to be able to come to those "pearly gates" and hear "you did all right kid"!

Here's to the never ending quest for life balance. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Training

The last week has been pretty crazy so I'm just now catching up on some back posts and other things on my "to do"list.

Total miles for April: 151
Run miles: 67
Bike miles: 59 (likely more, but I don't have trainer set up to tell me distance when riding it indoors)
Swim miles: 4 (amazing how much time/energy and mental stress swimming causes me and yet the distance is nothing compared to running/biking mileage)

What I've learned this past month-
I need to bike, bike, bike and bike.  Biking is where I'm going to be able to make up time.  I'm not getting any faster running so not shooting for a PR, in fact, I hope to come in around 30 minutes for my sprint tri and 2 hours 30 minutes for the 70.3 (I may be dreaming).  I do need to become a better (stronger) swimmer and go faster so I can finish within reasonable time, but as noted above the distance in training I cover with swimming compared to biking and running is nothing. 

I need to fuel better and finally figure out my food issues.  I spend a lot of my life feeling guilty about things (yep I'm one of those people), but food is one thing I'm kind of sick of fussing over. I need to find some lifestyle changes that can happen long term.  I know the answers, but sometimes I just get too lazy to implement or stick with them.  Here are some easy ones: in order to lose weight the output of energy has to be greater than the input of calories (DUH!), drinking water- goal of 8 8 ounce glasses will keep me well hydrated and may even ward off hunger issues and headaches, too much caffeine/alcohol isn't good for anyone trying to train for any sort of race- moderation is key- I SUCK at this!  This will likely be a lifetime work in progress. 

I have to get over my psych-out issues with going to the 50 meter/indoor natatorium.  That place intimidates me and so do many of the swimmers there.  But somehow I have to prevail, because I am a swimmer.  I can swim 1000 meters (20 laps in a 50 meter pool)- I don't drown and I can swim multiple strokes (none of them perfect, but alas I am a swimmer).  If I don't swim/practice/build endurance all my tris this season will start with very bumpy/choppy waters.  I will not be a fast swimmer, but if I can stick with middle of the pack it would be a good start for any race. 

So this week starts week 2 of the 70.3 training program.  My goal is to swim twice (both times in big pool- I know " get over it already"- I'm telling myself), bike three times, run 2 times, and get one morning of weights/core training in.  Onward March!

Monday, May 5, 2014

April Reads

This month's reading was interesting.  I had one book that just took me forever, and read several, smaller/quick reads either after or while reading the "long one".  Lets start out with good and go to bad...

Small Surrenders: A Lenten Journey by Emilie Griffin
I picked this up on my travels in Boston right around the start of lent.  It was in the bottom of a beautiful Boston church which charged you for pictures/tour of church, or else for free you could go to the bookstore- guess you know which one I chose.  I thought this book was an easy way to feel a little more focused, but not overdone with Lent.  It is a season of quiet, introspection, questions/wonderings, changing, prayer, and I felt this book addressed all of them, but in a way easy to take way.  I highly recommend this book and will likely read it again next Lent as the daily musings are all different and touch on different Lenten subjects/topics/feelings.  Thumbs Up Emilie!

Being Perfect by Anna Quindlen
If you have followed my book lists for awhile you will know I enjoy Anna Quindlen very much.  this book is a perfect book (no pun intended Anna) to read when trying to go through life and do the best you can while also taking check with yourself and realizing no one is perfect.

Ivy and Bean: Doomed to Dance
Book 6- pretty good, but I didn't enjoy this one or laugh has hard with this one.  Looking forward to the next one as it focuses on science. 

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher. Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective by Kate Summerscale (audiobook)
This started off pretty good- murder of a 3 year old child and the murderer had to have come from inside the home.  Mr. Whicher a great detective in the Victorian Error- think Sherlock Holmes- takes the case after local detective/magistrates screw up all the evidence.  I won't give it away for those interested in nonfiction/mystery, but lets just say it was a lengthy book for the outcome and some of the details were lost on me.  Now some audiobooks that are 9-10 discs long feel like nothing when I'm training and others make my training hours feel longer than they are. This audiobook was unfortunately the latter. 

The Secret History by Donna Tartt
This has been on my "to read" list for awhile. Then I saw it on a "book club" picks shelf at one of the local libraries and so thought why not now.  Well it was long, drawn out, and just as Schmelzer (bookie) would say "no endearing characters".  It too was a mystery, but I just felt it was poorly written.  There were a lot of drinking going on throughout the book as the murder occurred during the college years of the main players in the book.  Some of the people reminded me of young Hemingway/Fitzgerald type figures- really smart, well to do kids, who drank a lot and did stupid things/behaved badly.  I was really disappointed in this read and more disappointed by how much time it took me to read it, but I finished it and now am moving on to better "reads". Sorry Donna- I'm just probably not high-brow enough to read your work. 

Another month of reading and like life, some "reads"/"days" are better than others. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

First week of training Pigman Long-70.3

Great saying and me stretching.

Lackluster to say the best!

I had too many other things going on this week and add a 1/2 marathon tomorrow to the week's to do's and it was just a weird start to training.

I rested Monday after my three days of intense exercise last weekend,rode trainer 45 minutes Tuesday morning, 5 miler Wednesday morning,and 3 miler this morning. Yep that's it.

No swim and unless I feel surprisingly good will likely have no desire to swim tomorrow after race. I also didn't get any long mileage in on the bike.

It felt weird missing my 6 days a week sometimes two times a day workouts. My body is of course rebelling against me from lack of exercise and muscle flare ups in hamstring, peroneus muscle (think that's what it is called at outside of lower leg and runs down near ankle). So I have iced and stretched more today than all week.

However,it's not my first race tomorrow so not overly worried. But don't think I'm in the best shape (aka not banking on a PR tomorrow). My diet hasn't been horrible, but added work/professional obligations this week I said "screw it" and drank adult beverages, soda, and ate some yummy desserts! I know not proper food training, but just couldn't add another thing to focus on this week.

We will see how it all adds up tomorrow. I'm hoping I will not Bonk without my tunes, I won't have issues with the muscles that are currently not happy with me, and I will finish strong.

Then I plan to relax on couch and look at getting back into training schedule most of the rest of the day- starts 15 weeks to 70.3 Monday- Eek!

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