Saturday, May 3, 2014

First week of training Pigman Long-70.3

Great saying and me stretching.

Lackluster to say the best!

I had too many other things going on this week and add a 1/2 marathon tomorrow to the week's to do's and it was just a weird start to training.

I rested Monday after my three days of intense exercise last weekend,rode trainer 45 minutes Tuesday morning, 5 miler Wednesday morning,and 3 miler this morning. Yep that's it.

No swim and unless I feel surprisingly good will likely have no desire to swim tomorrow after race. I also didn't get any long mileage in on the bike.

It felt weird missing my 6 days a week sometimes two times a day workouts. My body is of course rebelling against me from lack of exercise and muscle flare ups in hamstring, peroneus muscle (think that's what it is called at outside of lower leg and runs down near ankle). So I have iced and stretched more today than all week.

However,it's not my first race tomorrow so not overly worried. But don't think I'm in the best shape (aka not banking on a PR tomorrow). My diet hasn't been horrible, but added work/professional obligations this week I said "screw it" and drank adult beverages, soda, and ate some yummy desserts! I know not proper food training, but just couldn't add another thing to focus on this week.

We will see how it all adds up tomorrow. I'm hoping I will not Bonk without my tunes, I won't have issues with the muscles that are currently not happy with me, and I will finish strong.

Then I plan to relax on couch and look at getting back into training schedule most of the rest of the day- starts 15 weeks to 70.3 Monday- Eek!

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