Sunday, May 18, 2014

Training week 3-road to 70.3

One of the pools i swam in this week-Youngstown,OH.

My goal last week-that I put down for this week- was to get all the miles/work outs in.

I really thought it was going to happen and then life happened. My grandpa passed away and I had to travel to Virginia for the funeral. I traveled from Iowa to Indiana, spent night at sister's then headed the next day with sis and mom to Ohio where we would spend the night and then finish the trip the following day. Be with family in VA for three days and then start trek home Tuesday for my sister's- spend night and then end the journey back in Iowa Wed. All in all I would be traveling/gone from home and training routes,pool, etc for almost 1 week.

I freak out even when writing this because I'm a planner and I would have to figure out how to try and get the goal done.

So this is what I did this week:
Monday is normally my rest day, but I hadn't biked enough the week before so I rode trainer for 30 min.
Tuesday I ran 4 miles in the morning then at night got on trainer for 30 minutes.
Wednesday trainer 40 min.
-found out Wed night my grandpa died so my 30 mile bike would be out for Thu dt needing to get house/life in order and leave to drive 5 hours to sister's.
Thursday rode 12 miles in an hour ( totally wanted to bail on bike outside because I was so flustered about grandpa's death and all the logistics of travel, etc). So getting 12 in felt EPIC.
Friday in the drizzling/cold rain ran 8.68 mi followed by 7 mi bike near town where my sister lives. Traveling with my bike made me feel like "wow i just may be a triathlete". I wanted to bike 10 mi but I was ill prepared for elements (feet were frozen and hands were too).
Saturday swam 25 min in pool at hotel- it was clean and I swam alone at 6:30 in the morning, but the pool was tiny and I highly doubt I did much more than 500 yds total. A lot of back n forth. I tried swimming the walls-square formation and kept on kicking into wall or step when making the turn.
Sunday ran 4 miles before breakfast. After church went to indoor pool near hotel- swam 1750. I was dead tired and although I did the distance I cheated by doing 500 of kick board interspersed between the other 1250 of free style. (guy in lane next to me was awesome swimmer-smooth, consistent, and continuous! - super jealous- think he swam 60 min freestyle straight).

So where did I fail- bike. I was short 11 miles. I was also suppose to swim two days of 1500 which I don't think I did.

Where did I win- I pushed through and improvised and did what I could. I swam, bike and/or ran every day this week. I biked,ran and swam in unknown territory.

I get home Wed so after I'm done with this post I get to try and figure out my training schedule for this week.

Life will never stop and so even though I'm a planner I will need to know how to improvise and also know how to push through the chaos of life and get the miles in.

Thanks to my family for helping me figure out how to fit this all in and understanding my need to run,bike and swim while trying to deal with grandpa's passing. Also thanks to my friends who sent such nice thoughts,prayers and sentiments. Your support throughout life is always welcomed. I'm blessed!

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