Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Training

The last week has been pretty crazy so I'm just now catching up on some back posts and other things on my "to do"list.

Total miles for April: 151
Run miles: 67
Bike miles: 59 (likely more, but I don't have trainer set up to tell me distance when riding it indoors)
Swim miles: 4 (amazing how much time/energy and mental stress swimming causes me and yet the distance is nothing compared to running/biking mileage)

What I've learned this past month-
I need to bike, bike, bike and bike.  Biking is where I'm going to be able to make up time.  I'm not getting any faster running so not shooting for a PR, in fact, I hope to come in around 30 minutes for my sprint tri and 2 hours 30 minutes for the 70.3 (I may be dreaming).  I do need to become a better (stronger) swimmer and go faster so I can finish within reasonable time, but as noted above the distance in training I cover with swimming compared to biking and running is nothing. 

I need to fuel better and finally figure out my food issues.  I spend a lot of my life feeling guilty about things (yep I'm one of those people), but food is one thing I'm kind of sick of fussing over. I need to find some lifestyle changes that can happen long term.  I know the answers, but sometimes I just get too lazy to implement or stick with them.  Here are some easy ones: in order to lose weight the output of energy has to be greater than the input of calories (DUH!), drinking water- goal of 8 8 ounce glasses will keep me well hydrated and may even ward off hunger issues and headaches, too much caffeine/alcohol isn't good for anyone trying to train for any sort of race- moderation is key- I SUCK at this!  This will likely be a lifetime work in progress. 

I have to get over my psych-out issues with going to the 50 meter/indoor natatorium.  That place intimidates me and so do many of the swimmers there.  But somehow I have to prevail, because I am a swimmer.  I can swim 1000 meters (20 laps in a 50 meter pool)- I don't drown and I can swim multiple strokes (none of them perfect, but alas I am a swimmer).  If I don't swim/practice/build endurance all my tris this season will start with very bumpy/choppy waters.  I will not be a fast swimmer, but if I can stick with middle of the pack it would be a good start for any race. 

So this week starts week 2 of the 70.3 training program.  My goal is to swim twice (both times in big pool- I know " get over it already"- I'm telling myself), bike three times, run 2 times, and get one morning of weights/core training in.  Onward March!

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