Friday, May 9, 2014

The eternal balance ?

How do we fit it all in?

How do we get it all done?

How do we make what we do each day worth it so that at the end of our lives we can have no regrets?

Well I don't think anyone has just one magic answer to the above.  I think a lot of life is trial and error and finding out what works for each of us individually at different times.  I have found that I can fit in all that really matters to me and the stuff that doesn't matter doesn't get fit in. Sometimes this means prioritizing and letting some of the stuff in life take a back seat for awhile.  For example, I have stopped shelving books at my kid's library.  It was just one more activity I was trying to cram in for an hour on my Thursday or Friday day off.  Now could I fit it in- Yes- we all can review our schedules and move things around to accommodate, but the fact of the matter was I was getting stressed and literally running around with my head cut off to make sure that hour could be found.  I miss it- don't get me wrong.  I love shelving books for so many reasons (selfishly I look at books while shelving and if one looks interesting I put it in my forever long list of "to read" books, and I also really enjoy being around the kids and watching how the kids use the library).  So once I took that one minor, hour long commitment off my "to do" for the week I freed up some time and wasn't running around so crazily.  I know who would have thought one thing like an hour shelving books would take the stress off.

Now, I know some people would respond you just need to manage your time better.  Instead of writing your blog posts that is when you could be volunteering to shelve books, but sadly sometimes I have to do the things that make me feel happiest/ or pick and choose those activities that really mean something to me in order to feel the best and for me right now- having an hour to write a post gives me more enjoyment than shelving books. 

I don't think anyone can get it "all done" and if they say they are I'm sorry but I think they are lying or don't have very much on their "to do" list.  So I accept that I can't get it "all done" but I do focus on getting the major needs (laundry, cooking, up-keep cleaning) and the wants (reading for myself and the kids, training, hanging out with peeps and family) a priority in my daily life.

I also don't know if I can say that I will end my life with no regrets- I'm a pretty guilt ridden person so I know I will regret something, but by trying to live life to the fullest I hope that those regrets will be minimal and truly insignificant.  Life and balance of life is a never ending work in progress (kind of like my food/alcohol consumption).  If I keep focus though I hope to be able to come to those "pearly gates" and hear "you did all right kid"!

Here's to the never ending quest for life balance. 

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