Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar's Night- one of my favorite nights of the year!

Mason, Kate and I are on the couch watching the countdown clock for the start of the Oscar's.  Mason just realized how cool it is "live TV".  "Mom we are watching TV from California in Iowa- that is really far".  My kids love movies, especially Mason.  He was totally excited when I told him that he could watch the Oscar's with me tonight.  He continues to count down with the help of the timer in the upper right corner of the TV screen- love it!

I don't know when I started watching the Oscar's.  I remember watching Oscar's at my first childhood home- good old Circle Dr. East.  I have my mother to thank for my love of movies and old movies especially.  My mom's love for musicals continued on with me as I feel has continued on in Mason.  He loves Singing in the Rain and every time he asks to watch it makes me smile (you know the kind of smile that is born in your heart).  I have slacked off in my movie watching of current films and haven't seen a single one of the nominations for best movie for this year's Oscar- oh wait- I saw Toy Story 3 if that counts and if it is nominated in that category.  However, I have faithfully looked at the Turner Classic Movie list of the 31 days of Oscar night movies and seen some of my favorites this year: 12 Angry Men (true/honest art on screen), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (now that is a politician I would love to meet nowadays), Wizard of Oz (speaks for itself).  There are many more, but I won't get to chatty!  So on one of my favorite nights of the year I hope some of you are kicking back and getting ready for the Oscar's.  If movies aren't your thing and/or you haven't seen any of my old time favorites- pick one out of my list (again ongoing production) and I hope it gives you the entertainment/enjoyment they have. 

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