Sunday, January 11, 2015


I think I've kind of been avoiding writing here of late.  I've been doing a good job of writing in my kid's journals, my 642 writing prompts book, and some "smash" writing (found this fun thing called a smash book- like an adult version of journaling, collages, collection for memories).  However, I've really not been wanting to open up imchattynatty and post anything.

Some bloggers write about losing their mojo or the drive to write in their blogs.  I think for me I've felt a lack of material of late.  I normally have posts about books I've read, and current training schedule for races, and then the global- goals for the year. 

This year I'm kind of on hiatus in many ways.  I'm not signed up for a single race/tri and don't plan on it.  I'm not following any current running plan, but this may change after I see my doctor this coming Friday.  My PT would like me to do incremental baby steps with my running on the treadmill.  I've run twice (really jogged at max pace of 4.4 mph for 5 minutes).  The plan is to have me continue to increase time on treadmill slowly over time and also increase pace slowly over time. 

My reading is going great this moth- I'm trying to use some of my previously funneled "goal energy" into my reading- with and without kids.  My goal is to read one chapter book with each kid/month, and also get in reads for myself.  I've just finished a wonderful read "I'll Be Seeing You" by Susan Hayes and Loretta Nyhan.  These two authors have put together a wonderful story of friendship between two women who have never met, but through letters.  The two main characters are both wives of military men, and one has a son who is also in the armed forces during WWII.  There are no chapters, just letters.   I found it a great read, and even more interesting was to find out at the end of the book that the two authors have never met in person.  They met via a blog.  Decided to write a book together based on letters and as of the publishing date still had never officially met in person- Amazing!

Besides some good reading this month I really have been trying to work on my writing.  I've been trying to write, something, daily.  I have a few goals, but the current one is more academic in the sense that I'm trying to finish taking notes, typing up and putting the nurse practitioner organization's, I'm a member of, history together.  It will be our 40th anniversary this year-2015, so great time to compile information and share with the members.  Although I find the history very interesting I'm finding myself less motivated to work on this project.  Funny how I can be very passionate about aspects of my career/profession, but less so in other areas/aspects. 

Besides this writing project I'm also trying to follow some podcasts and blog posts in social media on writing: i.e. Writer's Digest, The Writer, and DIY MFA.  I really like the DIY MFA site and mantra/mission: Write more, write better, write smarter.  I've found the Podcasts to be educational and am taking notes in hope to use the wise info in bettering my writing.  One of the most recent podcasts was about "Life is Short, Read with Purpose".  I found the information and strategy to better, more purposeful reading, helpful in guiding me in my reading for 2015.  Here's a quick breakdown of what I gleamed from the Podcast:
4 categories of reading:
1. Comps- books that compete with your writing.  For example, if I want to write a memoir about my 70.3 training experience I need to read other memoirs on running, traithlons, 1/2 ironmans, etc.
-hint: look at publisher and agent that represents these books and authors and use this as contact list when you go to pitch, query, or try getting your book published.
2.Contextual books- books that are on background or research of your topic, similar themes, but don't directly compete with your book. For example, I should read other memoirs or other nonfiction books about running, triathlons, nutrition for the athlete, training plans, etc. 
3. Contemporary Books- books that came out in the last 1-2 years, any category or genre.  Pick books up to see what the "buzz" is and to compare how your book fits with contemporary literature
4.Classics- "anything written from 2000 and earlier". I found 2000 to strike me as surprising, but as the author stated writing changes a lot over time and 2000 is 15 years ago now.  Look at what books have lasted and what has given these books "staying power". 
These four categories will make up a comprehensive reading list for you.   She recommended picking books from each of these categories for your "to read" list for 2015. 

I'm hoping to take the above and put it in place a become a more purposeful reader, however, I'm also not wanting to ever lose the enjoyment and entertainment and the utter happiness reading gives me, so am a little fearful to become too serious about reading and then rid myself of that life happiness. 

So despite no races in my 2015 calendar I feel like I daily/weekly fill up the schedule with activities and "to do's".  I know that my posts are another way for me to work on my writing and better yet I'm sharing my writing, which some authors say is the best push to become a better author/writer.  Long term I don't really expect to publish a book, but I would like to follow through with my goal of writing abut my training for 70.3 race.  I can celebrate what I accomplished, the challenge and also maybe even share it with others as a way to motivate or at least lead in example by saying "if I can do it, by gosh, so can you!" 

Here is to hoping it won't be two weeks before I post again.  ChattyNatty over and out!

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