Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Running

Well it was a busy April and the weather kept me thinking it was actually March.

I ended up with 87 miles. I did not meet my goal of running the AMR 1/2 marathon "own it" plan to a T because "coach" (aka hubby) pretty much told me I was CRAZY to run a 13 miler last weekend before my 1/2 this weekend. I also only ran 3 days this week instead of the 4 because of the 1/2 today. It was a good call on my "coach's" part.

I may never be ultra fast, but running without major injury is likely due to my not pushing the envelope. So this week I won't be following the "plan" to a T so I can have good recovery.

However, I will be adding in some weights to my routine. I feel like everywhere I turn I'm hearing about the importance of weight training/strength training for runners. Back in high-school I use to love weights- bench press, tri workout (aka dips). However, see a pattern - I've always loved arms but not as much of the lower half of me. So I'm on the hunt for a great 20-30 min strength training WO for female runners. Shout out if you have a good one.

Lastly, above pic is from today's Ronald McDonald House 1/2. I ran hard- I thought I was going to break 2 hrs, but alas the hills probably got me- actually I love running hills- one place I pass people, but after the hill I seem to always fall back so need to work on running through them. Official time 2:03:21. Congrats to all the runners who ran the race. Super fun to do a 1/2 in home town. No 3-4 hour car ride home following race, rest of day to laze around= priceless.
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