Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random thoughts Tuesday

I had a great weekend.  I hope all my favorite peeps had a great day on Sunday either celebrating being a mom or celebrating with their mom.  Ours was a great day: church, Sunday School (I walked to "Bucks" for coffee), home for quick bite to eat before heading over to our new community garden plot to work on getting the garden in, swim lessons (kids), pizza at Paglia's, tried getting cupcakes at Molly's but they were all sold out, so went to a frozen yogurt place where they were having a mother's day special- mom's eat free :).  What a nice day.

Today it was HOT out running and I continually am amazed how humbling running can be.  I ran after work today and it was HOT- did I say that yet.  My husband loves running in the heat, me not so much.  It took all my energy and two Nathan bottles (7 oz each) full of water to get me through the 4+ mile run.  I've not been following the AMR 1/2 "own it" plan since doing the 1/2 marathon two weeks ago.  My body just hasn't let me.  My left hami is continuing to say "ouch" but nothing major- so I have made adjustments and keep on keeping on. 

My youngest has had a blast doing dance.  I love it, because it is all about the kids, dancing and they have a live pianist who plays the music, so it reminds me of old school dance.   These were taken at my youngest dance class.  Yep- she loves that velour like unitard.  I really dislike it, but of course that is the one she wants to wear every Saturday to dance.  I'll remind her about that in about 10 years when she is accusing me of dressing her like that. 

Lastly, my son has had a great time this year in 2nd grade.  His teacher has really set the bar for teachers to come.  He has done all kinds of cool things this year and learned a whole lot more than I ever did in second grade.  However, one of my favorite things has been the recent science lesson on butterflies.  Each student received his own caterpillar to care of and then this caterpillar became a "painted lady" butterfly.  After several weeks of living at school "Iggy" the butterfly came home.  We have care for it for almost 5 days and today being a warm, sunny day my son stated that he wanted to let "Iggy" go.  It was beautiful.  So amazing what kids and adults can learn and be a part of. 

Well that is about as random as they get.  Hope everyone had a great Tuesday.  Good night. 

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