Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Reading & Running

May has seemed to fly by and wouldn't you know it it is June.

I've been delinquent with my writing and I've missed it. I will likely send a bunch of posts in a row once I can sit down and write and write and write- time has just been crunched of late.

So here's a quick recap of my running and reading for this past month.

Running- total miles 86. I have fallen off the "own it" Another Mother Runner 1/2 marathon plan. I was suppose to run back to back 13 milers and didn't because one of those 13 milers ended up being the Ronald Mc Donald 1/2 I did at the beginning of May. Then following the race I was physically worn out. I followed up with a 6,8,10 and 11 milers on the weekends following the 1/2. I was suppose to do higher long run miles on the weekend including 1 13 miler and 1 15 miler- but alas I just couldn't get it done. I'm ok with this but worried my physical fatigue is also heightened by mental fatigue and just that 1/2 assness I get mid training. So I'm going to plow through it, but if/when I don't PR at 1/2 at end of month i'll be kicking myself for slacking off and not pushing through my fatigue.

May Reading: I even slacked in the reading arena this month. Again I blame this on fatigue. Normally I have no problem staying up but instead have challenging time making myself go to bed in timely fashion. However this month I've had hard time keeping my eyes open once I get into bed. So here are my May reads...

A Fierce Radiance by Lauren Belfer
It was our book club read. Our 112 book in fact. It was historical fiction about penicillin production during World War II. I liked it but was a mix review by the Bookies.

A beautiful mystery by Louise Penny. The 7th in the Armand Gamache series. It was ok. I always like the mysteries best when they take place in Twin Pines and this one didn't so not my favorite of her's.

The chapter book I read with kids was The Doll People by Anne Martin. It was a good story and both my kids enjoyed it. I recommend it.

That's all I read and ran this month. I'll catch you up on the rest of the recent activities real soon.

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