Saturday, June 15, 2013

Relaxing Family Time

Our long weekend in Wisconsin is almost over. We are all lounging in the grandparents room while our room gets cleaned.

It is so nice to have time to just relax and enjoy the people you are with. Sometimes vacations can be filled with continuous planned day trips- leaving early/getting back to hotel late, running here/running there while trying to pack it all in. Meanwhile during the rushing and running crankiness ensues.

This trip has been so nice because we have all just done what we wanted when we wanted and no rushing occurred.

The other thing I really enjoyed is we spent a lot of time out doors- biking, running, walking in town, and along the beach. Sitting on the beach, despite the cooler temps, was nice too.

I didn't get my book finished yet, but some quality reading with my kids occurred and I visited a great "towny" bookstore and really nice public library.

So if you don't have one of these type of vacations on your "to do" list this summer I highly recommend you make an effort to make it happen.

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