Friday, June 21, 2013

A Week Sans Kids

That's what my sister in-law called it when I talked to her earlier this week and I thought it sounded like a perfect title for a blog post  So what did I do during this week without the kids...

I worked.
I watched three movies.
I read my book, but still am not done- struggling a little.
I ran.
I did gardening/yardwork.
I met my husband for dinner after work one night.
I missed my kids not horribly, but daily missed seeing their smiles and hearing their funny stories.

It was a good week. I of course didn't get as much done as I always have planned, but it was a relaxing week.  I rediscovered my love for watching movies and realize the reason I don't watch movies as much, normally, is because my life is busier and I'm more tired when being a "full on" mom so without the kids around this week it was easier to relax, and not be too tired to start a movie at 8pm knowing I only had me to worry about the next day.

I thought several times during the week- is this what life is going to be like when they are grown, old and out of the home?  It was refreshing to know that I didn't crumble and my husband and I found plenty to fill our days/nights, but there was this "silence".  Like anything in life experiencing this "silence" is a good reminder to me that the "noise" although busier, and makes me a more "tired" mom is really good and part of my life right now that I really enjoy. 

Who cares if I don't watch movies or TV that much any more when "full time" mom.  This time is only for awhile so I have been reminded to embrace the "noise" and look forward to being united tonight with two of my favorite people in this wonderful world we all live in. 

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