Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Being Present on Spring Break

It is siesta time at our condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I've just spent the most pleasant 8 hours with my kids and in-laws. The soft, white,almost baby-powder like sand has loofah my feet like a $65 pedicure should do. It was one of those perfect 80degree days where the breeze blew just enough to keep us from feeling burned by the sun.
The beach walk I took with my lil partner was so nice this morning. It was peaceful walking along and hearing the crash of the waves and the giggles of my blonde.
She makes me smile and see how I should be:patient, smiling and perseverance. Along with her added benefit of a smile that just lights up my soul when I see it.
My son looks so old on this trip. He looks so lanky and his ever love for reading was apparent when toting along a backpack full of books through the airport yesterday. He enjoyed some much need technology time- downloading a new car/race game. You know me and my non- love of techno games but alas this is Spring Break and one of my goals is to let go. Not be a crabby mom, annoying, or easily irritated.
We'll see how I do with those large, somewhat unattainable goals.
I share the above picks of my perfect day of "being present" on the beach.
So blessed to have this life!

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