Saturday, June 13, 2015

Felt like a snow day...

yesterday the rain came down and after I ran errands and went to PT yesterday morning I arrived home to two kidos enjoying Garfield on Netflix.  Sorry Garfield, nothing against you, but I really don't care for your animated cartoon.  So after the show was done I said, "OK enough TV".

The two awesome kids of mine played almost the rest of the afternoon setting up their own "Animal Farm/Zoo" for youngest and "Jurassic World" for oldest.  It really felt like a snow day.  The kind of day where your kids stay in their pj's all day and get out toys you haven't seen them play with in forever, due to the over scheduled schedules us crazy parents put them on.

It was a great day- full of imagination, creativity, and some video production with the Ipad in tow to make their own videos- way better than Garfield in my eyes.  I may be a little biased.  Hope you and your kids, if you have them, have time to have a "snow day" this summer at home.

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