Monday, June 29, 2015

Like this reminder...

If there is one fact in my profession that every client knows, but doesn't "know" it's this. You're not perfect.

Can't for the life of me remember where I read it, but it is so true.

I don't expect to be perfect but I tend to have expectations for life "things" that put a cloud like perfection on them.

I think along with these high expectations and perfection comes another tough word: guilt.

I'm ready to start shedding the guilt.
I recently told myself I was going to buckle down and not drink any adult beverages for the month leading up to my trip to Vegas. We'll I lasted all but two weeks and said screw it and had an adult beverage, or 2. I felt guilty for a few minutes and with that guilt came the other toughy-feeling weak.  However, I moved forward and accepted my choice, took a breath and moved on.

At about the same time I came into this idea of dumping guilt I also finished reading "10% Happier" by Dan Harris. It is a book about this man, author and ABC news anchorman's, experience with meditation and mindfulness. I found many of the ideas from this book as ideas and actions that would help get rid of the guilt I constantly was battling with. "Be present" was definitely the big take home point for me. Intentional actions and experiences instead of my current chaotic, scatter-brained, multi-tasking self.

Then came a new Facebook and blog page to follow: Live Well with Kell. It was a suggestion from a friend at work. Her friend Kell wrote about different ways in which to live well. I love her voice. She is so upbeat an positive and has doable suggestions for living life well. One of Kell's recent posts, which happened to coincide with the reading of Dan Harris' book, was we all make choices and so lets say if Kell decides to eat a donut  for breakfast that's fine, that's her choice, but then she can't complain about her weight. I liked this idea and I liked the mindset of we all have choices to make and no one is perfect. If I decide to lets say eat a  whole Jack's frozen pizza then that's my choice but then I can't complain about it.

so note to self: no one's perfect, get rid of guilt in life, be present, and accept our choices and move on with no excuses or complaints for the choices made. I'll let you know how this new mindset works.

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