Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playlist Chicago 2012

So I know some of you have been on "pins and needles" wanting to know what I listened to during my 4 hours 23 minutes, 11 second run through Chicago this past Sunday- Yep that is my time.  I of course being me- chattynatty- have plenty to write about the marathon and the weekend, but I will start with the Playlist...

Here are the songs and the singers.  Nope they aren't in order because I hit shuffle before I start my race to keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what song is going to happen next.  I really loved my playlist and thought/was reminded about various people during the race because of the songs I heard.  I only skipped songs within the last mile of the race, because I just needed that extra Humph! at the end.  I didn't end up listening to all my songs, but here they are, with some commentary.

1. I gotta Feeling      Black Eyed Peas (first song that played, pretty appropriate and great pump up song)
2. Back N Black      ACDC (2nd song I heard along the race route- totally reminds me of my rockin daughter)
3. Jolene                    Dolly Parton (love this song so PURE- 3rd song I heard on the route)
4. Airplanes               B.O.B. (from here on out don't remember the order exactly)
5.All These Things I've Done     Killers ( my favorite Killers song)
6. Bleed to Love Her (Fleetwood Mac)
7.Bleeding Love       Leona Lewis
8. Blow Me One Last Kiss    PINK
9.Both Sides Now     Joni Mitchell ( the song my son was born too- no really- great motivator, because nothing is more painful or worth it as labor- not even a marathon!)
10.  Brokenhearted     Karmin
11. The Cave           Mumford and Sons
12. Chasing the Sun   The Wanted
13. Chicken Fried      Zac Brown Band ( total funny and reminds me of my BRB and my love for Wings)
14. Come on Eileen    Save Ferris ( not the original, but still makes me smile- this song reminds me of UofIowa frat parties circa 1994)
15. Dancing in September    Earth, Wind, and Fire
16. Dog Days are Over    Florence and the Machine
17.Don't Stop Believin'    Journey (they play it at every Michigan game)
18.Everything to Everyone   Everclear
19.Fast as You Can     Fiona Apple (reminds me of the Real World New Orleans- 1st time I was introduced to Miss Apple- great running song)
20. Get Rhythm     Joaquin Phoenix- from Walk the Line soundtrack
21.Gimme Some Lovin'   The Spencer Gray Group (Big Chill Soundtrack)
22.Ho Hey   The Lumineers (Son Song)
23. Home Phillip    Phillips (2012 Olympics)
24. Hometwon Glory    Adele (reminds me of one of the nurses I work with in clinic- she loves Adele and is a totally strong person herself)
25. Humpty Dance      Digital Underground
26. I will wait    Mumford and Sons
27. Jackson      Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon
28.Learning to Fly    Tom Petty
29.A little less Conversation    Elvis Presley (Love this song- reminds me of Ocean's Eleven and Vegas!)
30. Little Lion Man     Mumford and Sons
31. Little Talks     Of Monsters and Man
32. The Long Way Around   Dixie Chicks
33. Mercy     Duffy
34. Miami     Counting Crows (total Sister song)
35.  Movin' Right Along    Fozzy Bear and Kermit the Frog ( total blast from childhood and reminds me of my sister)
36. Paradise City   Guns' N Roses ( one of the last songs I listened too during the race- love good old Rock)
37. Part of Me     Katy Perry
38. Party Rock Anthem   LMFAO
39. Pour Some Sugar On Me   Def Leppard   (first MTV video I saw)
40. Praise You     Fat Boy Slim
41. Raise Your Glass   PINK
42.Runaway   Bruno Mars
43. Show me what I'm looking for   Carolina Liar
44. Some Nights    Fun
45. Starships    Nicki Minaj
46. Stronger    Kelly Clarkson
47. Sugar, Sugar   The Archies
48 Tik Tok  Ke$ha  (my son loves this song and so not appropriate for 2nd grader, but he's like his mom and doesn't really know what the lyrics are and makes up his own- likes the beat :)).
49. Titanium    David Guetta
50. Tonight is the Night   Outasight
51. My Brightside    Killers (great song from great movie "The Holiday")
52. Break Your Heart    Taio Cruz
53. Cali-California    Snoop Dogg
54. Say Hey    Michael Franti and Spearhead
55. Rock & Roll  Eric Hutcherson
56. Undefeated   Jason Derulo
57. Unemployed Boyfriend   Everclear
58. Us    Regina Spektor (another great running song from a great movie "500 days of Summer")
59. Waking Up in Vegas  Katty Perry
60. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together   Taylor Swift (like her teenage angst songs)
61. We Are Young    Fun  (Daughter loves this song, again not appropriate lyrics for a 4 year old, but its all about the rhythm of the music right)
62. We Built This City  Starship  (2nd to last song of the Marathon- totally appropriate to listen to as you run down Michigan Avenue towards Grant Park and finish line)
63. Whistle  Flo Rida
64. Wild Ones  Flo Rida and Sia
65. You Spin Me Round  Dead or Alive (another great movie "The Hangover" song- that movie just makes my cheeks hurt because I laugh so hard when I watch it)

Well that's all gang- great diversity and great pace music.  Thanks again for the music BRB- helped me get through the marathon.  Music is a major motivator for me when running and fun to remember all the different people/events when listening to the songs.

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