Saturday, October 6, 2012

Race Goals

So I'm stealing this post idea from SBS and Dimity AMR. They just had a nice post on race goals  and since I'm lying on the couch resting, catching up on blogs,  and watching Michigan I thought it would be good to look at my race goals for tomorrow- Chicago.

Time goals: always first to finish,but I'd like to PR tomorrow so need to run faster than 4:23:21- tough but doable (I think, I hope, I pray :)).
What this means is a 9:55 min/mile kind of nervous due to my slower long runs, but I historically run faster on race day.

Race goal: run a negative split ( runfaster2nd half then first). I have a habit, like many of going out too fast and paying for it at mile 18-22.

Personal goal: leave it all out there. Really push myself both mentally and physically and be able to say " I gave 110%"!

I have some fun pictures from the expo. Cant wait to share them. I've enjoyed the rest of the day mainly hanging on my sister in-laws couch. I've been catching up on a lot go blog reading I haven't been keeping up with. I had to stop reading them though because I have about two pages of "to reads" both kids lit and adult reading. Too many books, too little time.

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