Thursday, December 19, 2013

6 days to Xmas!

I'm ready. I am like a kid. I love Christmas.

I get that excitement that, if I weren't a tired mom/wife/professional, I'd likely not be able to fall asleep due to the anticipation. I love Christmas so I thought what better time to write my reasons for loving the season- so in no particular order here they are:
1. Hanging ornaments on the tree and reliving memories that come with those memories
2. Christmas cookie baking and eating
3. Pulling out the kid's Xmas books for bedtime reading
4. Xmas movies- Holiday Inn, White Christmas, The Bishop's Wife, the Holiday, Love Actually, Family Stone
5. Christmas Eve service when they lower the lights and you hold your candle (aka light stick now), and sing Silent Night
6.Chtistmas music24/7
7. Seeing the look on someone's face Xmas morning when they get that perfect gift
8. Getting xmas cards in the mail
9. Hearing that story- you know the one husband and wife  travel to Bethlehem and the search for shelter and of course the end product of a baby in a manger
10. Another excuse to have friends over and eat/drink and be merry
11. Stockings- loved them as kid and big surprise still love it as a big kid
12. Family - it not mattering whose house or what state we are in- just together

What's on your list?  Happy Holidays!

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