Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 14 training- Pigman Long

I've been so removed from writing and reading blogs lately that I didn't even realize that this post I wrote over two weeks ago never got posted.  So you are going to get two posts today- one from Week 14 and one from Week 15.  Sorry 

This past week has been a different training week, because I had to figure out how to do the training along side getting ready for a mini-sprint. 

Mileage was way down this week or so I thought and then I added it up and my 56 mile bike ride on Thursday really pushed my overall miles up there. 

Total: 79 miles
Swim: .6 miles
Bike: 70 miles
Run: 8 miles

Earlier in the week I "hit the wall" and took a rest day for mental sanity on Wednesday.  Thursday I got back "in the saddle" and did a 56 mile bike and followed it with a 2 mile run.  I did great and felt good, other than my sore A_ _.  Thursday after hubby got done with work drove home (hometown for both of us) with our kids to prep for the mini sprint we were in on Sunday.  Friday was a rest day from training, but really wasn't a "rest day".  I helped my mom, along with my sister and hubby, move boxes and other items from my parent's current home to their new home (they are down sizing).  So all that carrying, walking up and down stairs, and packing (likely not using proper ergenomics) made me extremely sore, especially my calves.  So Saturday when I awoke to "screaming" tight calves I decided no run just a ride of the route via bike for our race on Sunday.  Also participated in some much needed pool time that did not involve doing laps, but instead enjoying my kids, nephew and niece, sister, and mom.  I've missed that kind of summer pool time this year. 

Sunday came and I felt good.  The mini sprint we were in is just that mini: 250 yard swim in pool, 6.5 mile bike and 2.1 mile run.  I did really well.  I ended up doing it in 46:48. Placed 1st in my age group, and 18th overall.  I was the third female overall too.  My swim time improved about 4 minutes from the year before swim 4:57 (last year 5:01), bike was also much improved 23:44 (last year 27:58) and lastly my run was the same 18:06 (so at least not getting slower as I age :)).  It felt good to see improvement.  It also felt good to race and be efficient in my transitions.  The swim was somewhat a cluster- it was a pool swim, with participant starting every 10 seconds and swimming down and back in lanes and then moving to the next lane.  After lane one I left a highschool girl pass me and started swimming and then felt this girl swim over/around me and kept kicking me.  She was all business and there was no "sorry" etc spoken during the race.  That same girl tried to catch up with me on the run, but her labored breathing gave her away and I was able to do my end of race "kick" and come in before her.  Come to find out she is much younger than me so not my "age range" competition.  The bike was great and I felt very good throughout all 6.5 miles (kept on thinking wow- shorter distances are so much  easier- throughout the whole race).  The run also ended well and I had no wobbly legs going from bike to run so I'm hoping this again will prep my body for the stress/strain I will feel when hopping off the bike in Pigman (56.2 miles bike to a 13.1 mile run).  "Lordy what have I gotten myself into" will likely be repeated over and over throughout the upcoming 70.3 mile race in my head and out loud.  So for now I'm basking, for one day- my rest day- in the glory of a great race weekend. 

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