Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm suppopse to be working on writing my unfinished NaNoWriMo

but instead I decided to write a little blog post first.  I'll think of it as a warm up.  I've just consumed my dinner which is a whole wheat bagel and cream cheese followed by a vanilla late'.  My day has been crazy and this is as healthy as I can get at the coffee shop.  I really wanted wings and a big beer from the Vine tonight or even the chocolate cheesecake calling my name in the glass case at the coffee shop, neighbor of the whole wheat bagel. 

However, I'm going to be good and go whole wheat!  I know all you real healthy nuts are saying- "you know how many calories/carbs are in a whole wheat bagel", but I'm saying instead "way to go didn't pick the cheesecake". 

Today has been so chaotic and I laugh, because it is all brought on by me being me.  Here is a recap, you can feel free to laugh, and say you are a busy bee or you are an idiot or just pass up the timeline and go to the end. 

0700-wrapped some presents, cleaned up kitchen, drank my breakfast shake
0800- PT for 50 minutes (today's workout was hard from the start), my knee and legs-both- were feeling tired from the get go.
0900-Starbucks stop for coffee and turkey bacon breakfast sandwich (you really didn't think I was just going to last on a breakfast shake until lunch did you :)).Stopped by UPS store to pick up Wine (gift from our awesome parents- Matt's for our recent anniversary)
0920- Michael's to return a purchase and of course get sucked in to purchase more xmas decor and crafts
1015- Bible study at church- big group today- read Psalm 31 and discussed
1130- off to library to return books and pick up as many Christmas movies as I could- kids and I are going to have a Christmas movie marathon while hubby is playing cards Sunday night.
1230- home to start cleaning the house for company and make the Lutheran Campus Ministry meal
1400- It took me an hour and a half to peal potatoes, cut potatoes, boil water and cook potatoes, then get the gravy done and in a crock pot along with putting the potatoes in the bigger crock pot and finishing off the spuds with cream cheese, butter and Greek yogurt.
1415- kids arrive home from school and I continue to multi-task by cleaning kitchen while helping Kate do art and Mason work on his "Son of Neptune" poster for his upcoming book talk at school.  After kitchen was cleaned up I vacuumed, cleaned hard wood floors (which side note- keeping hard wood floors clean is harder than I thought it would- doesn't help that we picked a dark wood so it shows everything, which hubby reminds me is a good incentive to keep the house clean)
1640- rush out of the house with the LCM meal head to church and drop it off all the while having my youngest change into her hockey gear while the car is moving, because I knew we would be running late to 5:30 hockey.  Wouldn't you know we were late, but it was due to a malfunctioning stop light- the turn light letting cars turn onto the interstate which was the fastest road to get me to mall for hockey never turned green and the cars were backed up until someone go the "balls" to turn on a red light. 
1735- youngest on ice and oldest now working on math homework.  I'm finally sitting still and realizing my knee is sore and swollen
1840- leave hockey to head to a local running store for "ladies night".  Catch up with a friend from church and then head off to writing group
2000- at the coffee shop and trying to find a place to sit, because I've forgotten it is the week before finals and so study space in a college town is prime real estate. 
2036- finishing this post so I can start my real writing for the night

WHEW!  I'm worn out and why am I sharing this long run on list of what I've done today- well I'm sharing it for me as a reminder of how we make choices to be active, busy, living life to its fullest with my cup somewhat running over.  Although my eyes are again surrounded by some lovely wrinkles and bags I feel pretty lucky and thankful for getting to make the above choices in how I'm filling my day.  Some may think crazy, some may think frivolous, some may think selfish or inefficient, but I look at the above list and think this is me, this will likely always be me. 

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