Monday, December 1, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014

Wrote this yesterday and didn't get it posted, so better late than never :).

I have about 6 1/2 hours left of this year's National Novel Writing Month. I will not be making the 50K words goal.  Here is a screen shot of how fat I got. I plan to finish the writing of this novel by Christmas. I learned a lot in the month if this challenge. For me I do much better when I write daily. I'm much more consistent. I felt like my best days of writing occurred when I'd hand write the words first and then I'd type the words I wrote which gave me the ability to add to the draft I'd write earlier in the day.

I found having a brief outline with basic chapter ideas helped my writing flow. The days I didn't write weren't many but they add up as list work productivity. I rarely fall short with finishing a goal I've started but alas writing 30,000 words and 46 pages still felt like I accomplished something. My goal now is to finish what I've written, revise, and edit. Next work in progress is putting together a history of the nurse practitioner organization I belong too. I need to have this done and edited by mid April in time for our 40th anniversary of the organization. I have all tge material just need to organize the works and words into timeline form.

Due to so much writing this month I really didn't read as much. I wasn't super excited with the books I read and am currently reading so looking to reconnect with some good books the month of December. I really appreciated this forced writing experience and hope to participate again next year.
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