Wednesday, December 10, 2014

November Reads

I'm sitting watch my children practice for their Sunday school Christmas program. My eyes are hardly staying open and I feel the bags growing under my eyes minute by minute.

I'm tired for many reasons, but the main ones are: returned to the gym this week so getting up much, much earlier than use to, and then staying up to late working on all those holiday "to do's".

I wish I could say I'm staying up late reading/writing but alas both have not been that prominent in my life this month.

Last month I did a whole bunch of writing for NaNoWriMo and hardly any reading. Here are the books I finished in November and my book club read I finished the day after book club (Dec 5). We normally have book club the last Wed of the month but for the month of Nov we push that Wed to the first Wed in Dec and then have off for the holidays.

Harry Potter the Prisoner of Szkaban by JKRowling. I enjoyed this one even more than the 2nd. Now my oldest is talking me into book 4- saving that one for Christmas break. We enjoyed watching the movie but again the book was better.

Fly Away by Patricia Lachlan
This one I read with my oldest and I think we both didn't particularly get into it. Beautiful writing but just not an interesting story line for us.

Word after word after word by Patricia Lachlan
I enjoyed this one and thought the writing was again beautiful. My oldest thought it was OK but he wasn't overly sad when it was over. It was a story about children learning about writing- poetry mainly,through a super "neat" teacher. We all need to have experienced at least one of these "neat" teachers in our lives.

Lastly, Some Luck by Jane Smiley was our Nov book club pick. I didn't enjoy it but others in book club really did. It is the first book in a trilogy- the first 30 years of a family's life. Each chapter is another year. I struggled with the plot, didn't keep me interested ( other than the part about WWII),didn't really enjoy the characters and the characters I did like weren't main one's, and lastly couldn't get into the flow. I would just be getting into the story line of the chapter and the chapter would end and we'd be into another year and another story line. I've been told this book shouldn't dissuade me from reading A Thousand Acres by Smiley. So that one will stay on my "to read" list.

Reading a great mystery writer's newest book currently and two others lying on my bedside table calling my name. Hoping to get some major reading done over the holidays.

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