Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yesterday was one of those days...

I decided to have a pity party and be grumpy and crabby and irritated all day. 

Reasons for my "party":
1. My knee was swollen.
2. Walking is a horrific feat at this time.
3.I felt like I wasn't making a difference in the care of patients I saw.
4. My oldest is a crabby morning kido and so not a fun way to start the day- lost it on him when he barked at his happy, smiling, morning sibling "What are you looking at- WHAT!" (Side note- getting on a  crabby morning kid about being disrespectful and non-loving to his morning sibling doesn't help the situation- note to self)
5. My weight has hit an all time high. (secretly hoping 5 lbs of it is the swelling in my right leg :))
6. Nothing seemed to shake me out of my funk- not the cinnamon roll I chose with my coffee purchase for breakfast (this was chosen over the yogurt/granola I had packed and brought from home)- hence why #5 is the way it is.
7. Really frustrated with my lack of ability to do house stuff- help hubby out- be more active mom with kids, etc.
8. Even my go to feel goods, books, haven't done it for me this week.
9. My writing is floundering around like a fish out of water and I feel less dedicated- like I'm just writing to say I've checked at least one activity off my list.
10. Not seeing any improvement in ab/tone with my 30 day Ab challenge- again maybe #5 is the reason.

So I did what I always seemed to do- wallowed, ate crappy food, talked to my sister (who is a great "you need to get your big girl pants" on pep talker), had dinner with my kids- separately due to kid's activities, started reading a new book (which is a double bonus because it is about writing and had great ideas, comments, and life stuff in regard to reading and writing), found an awesome blog called pragmaticmom.com (full of reading book ideas- lists based on age, genre, etc for kids) and then finished the night with Harry Potter- book 3. 

Another side note- don't think I'll ever be a cult Harry Potter fan, but reading these books is another way I can connect with my crabby morning kido.  And the books have improved as the series has gone on. 

So today is another day and I've stayed home from work due to no patients in our clinic and a recovery day of healing from being on feet yesterday- knee feels better and I feel better.  Lesson learned- OK to have a pity party day once in awhile, but oh so nice to wake up with a whole new attitude and ideas on how to attack the things I want to change.

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