Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Be-lated Anniversary!

On Febraury 25th this blog celebrated it's 4th anniversary- began on 2/25/2011.  I'm in-debt to one friend who told me I should really write a blog and another that helped me figure out how to create the blog and make it function. 

What I've learned in the four years of writing this blog...
1. I like writing down my thoughts.
2. I like having a place to keep track of things: books I've read, training schedules, races, and family events.
3. I like the idea that some of my friends/family may get to be a part of my memories even if they aren't there for them.
4. I enjoy looking back and reading and reliving life events.
5. This blog may just give me the material needed to write a book one day- so thankful to have that material!

Random rantings of chattynatty on this celebration of freedom to share myself and my ideas/musings with others...

Another night of Oscar's watching has passed- love award shows.  I think it is seeming someone winning something and being so honest to goodness happy. Lady Gaga "KILLED IT"- amazing artist.  Would have been even better if Julie Andrews could still belt out those lyrics and they could have had a duet.  Always saddened to see the passing of such amazing actors, directors, etc in the Memoriam. 

Trying to live through another Midwest winter. I have to travel to Vegas in two weeks for a conference and not sure what to wear- will be strange to get out my spring wardrobe.

Set back in the return to running/full activity as my knee blew up (swollen now) after a workout where I either rode to long or hard on the trainer or did too much weight on the leg press machine. One of my Lenten "to do's" was walking or some aerobic activity 10 minutes or more daily- well unfortunately for my knee to stop swelling I'm on the "bench" (aka couch) for the time being.  Guess "the big guy" had something differently planned for my Lenten journey.  Still hanging on with the "no sweets/treats" despite being offered free pie at Village Inn.  Took my kids there for breakfast yesterday and it was painful to be offered free pie and not be able to partake- Lent is challenging!

Friday night book club instead of Wednesday night book club- first time in almost 13 years of our book club we had to cancel book club for weather, but on the bright side- TGIF! BC being cancelled on Wed was a bummer- so rely on the renewal of my full spirit with the experience of being with these awesome ladies on a monthly basis.

  Reading a PD James mystery and struggling a bit- Victorian/English mystery writing- I may be broken by the harsh writing of mysteries by authors such as Jo Nesbo and Stieg Larsson- I'm not able to handle the easy going, prim and proper style of the English mystery. 

Well must go and make popcorn shrimp, mac n cheese and veggies for the kid's dinner.  I'm so ready for a "Natalie Pour" with my Bookies!

Happy Anniversary ChattyNatty readers- thanks for continuing to read me and support me. 

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