Tuesday, February 10, 2015


For some reason earlier tonight I started thinking about this cupcake perfume dispenser I had as a child.  I was thinking how just the vision of the ceramic, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, an a cherry on top brought a smile to my face.

Why do these image come into our daily lives?  Why does one think of these type of possessions, and why do they bring back such vivid memories and produce in us such genuine happiness?  Half of the time I can't hardly remember names of people I casually see once or twice a year, but this ceramic perfume cupcake from my childhood I can so vividly describe.  I remember the weight of it, the feel of it, even the aroma of the perfume (it was an OK smell, but not like all the "cake batter" and "cupcake" flavored objects on the market these days).

I don't know the above answers; one could hypothesize that the people you can't remember their names must not mean much to you so you don't put their names away in your important memory bank.  But even there I sometimes have a "brain fart" as I call them and can't recall something that I really do care about or at least experience on regular basis.  I also wonder if those little memories, experiences, objects of our childhood are imprinted into our brains at times of most rapid brain growth and development and so they stick with us for longer. Or possibly these childhood memories stick because when a child we are "multi-tasking" like we are now a days an so can't focus on one object/memory per time.  

Maybe the answer is even simpler than that.  Sometimes it may be small things that make the most impact or imprint our brain greatest or have the crazy ability to put a smile on our face after we've had a long day. 

It got me wondering what "small things" in my children's lives bring them or will bring them, down the road when they are in their late 30's, such joy, vivid memories, and place a smile on their face or a warmth in their heart.

I realize lately that it is indeed quality not always quantity in many things in life.  I'm one of those people who is not only an emotional eater, but an emotional shopper too.  With all the depressing events occurring around me, to friends and family (see last post) I unfortunately care a lot and so feel the hurt and sorrow- not in the same depth or physical pain my friends and family are experiencing, but it gets to me. Again I write this in honesty, not to get some great award for being empathetic or a martyr.  I just write it because I just feel sad for these Peeps that are having tough times. 

So I like to feel better, like most people and so don't always choose the brightest ways in which to feel better: aka eating too much, drinking too much or buying things on a whim.  Now I'm not like a manic shopper, but sometimes I get buyer's remorse and think to myself did I really need that item?  Did I really need that extra "Natalie pour"?  Did I really need that extra serving of pasta or bag of chips?

So I'm trying to be more cognizant that my choices need to be thoughtful and purposeful and not based on just wanting to feel better because another friend has cancer or an acquaintance of mine's son is dying. 

Now don't get me wrong I do think retail therapy can be helpful, but as with everything lately I feel this need to really look at the purchases and think "do I really need that?", "is it going to make me feel better if I buy that?", and lastly "at the end of my life are these 'things' really going to matter?"

So speaking of shopping I found multiple pictures of the cupcake perfume dispenser that started this post off just by googling cupcake perfume dispenser.  Come to find out it came out in the 1970s from Avon.  All the different sites I looked at the cupcake was "out of stock".  I'm thinking a lot of little girls who grew up in the 1970s are like me and looking to "buy" a little piece of happiness and memory.  I may keep looking and eventually purchase it as it would go great on my "childhood memory" shelf in my reading room at home.  However, just the image alone brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Love that my brain went where it did this afternoon.  Love finding this image and remembering the girl who loved her cupcake perfume dispenser.

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