Thursday, February 19, 2015

No this isn't a repeat!

You ever have one of those days where you start the day out annoyed by some email you received or some conversation you had?

Then mid day something happens to shift your whole outlook.

I had a busy morning and some internal grumpiness and frumpiness lurking inside my heart and mind. I went to bible study and felt at least momentarily released from the focus of my crankiness. Back in the car I was headed to home with brief stop at friend's house to pick up something "little" she had for me. I figured it was some long lost book I'd lent her...

Instead she handed me a small cardboard box and stated-"it's not jewelry".

Inside surrounded by tissue paper was housed my cupcake perfume dispenser.

I cried, I hugged, I told her "thank you" and "I'm so lucky to have you" and " I love you"- not because of this little ceramic cupcake but because she cared, she wanted to help me remember my childhood and what true/simple joy is like. Also I was changed. My day had changed just from this simple act of friendship that arrived in my day.

Life is good! I am thankful! I am lucky to be me -surrounded throughout life with friends and family who care and bring me happiness and love.

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