Friday, April 10, 2015

I might get voted off...

The book club island. I realized, with only 50 pages left, that I read the wrong book for this month's book club book.

I was suppose to read "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder. So I went to my library. Checked that it was in on the virtual card catalog. Went to the adult bio section where I was told it'd be and there it was.

So where did I go wrong? Well if you look closely at the cover, which I obviously didn't do, you'll see the title and by Tracy Kidder, but at the very bottom you'll see Adapted by for young adults by French. I didn't notice this until I had about 1/3 of book to finish. I checked the title page within the book's first pages and found a lovely pencil writing of B, YA. Left by some fine librarian and nonetheless shelved in the wrong section.

Yep, I had read the young adult version of our monthly read. I'm laughing and thinking someone must have known I needed a little joke in my life. So I laugh, I finish the book and just hope the Bookies won't vote me off.

Books truly have given me a lot- this one gave me a good laugh at myself.

It was an excellent story of an amazing man. Interested to hear what I missed out on by reading the "kiddie" version.

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