Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Thoughts Thursday...

One of these things is not like the other...
50 yard- long lanes- What I was getting into last year on this date

25 yards- short lanes- What I was getting into today.
Swimming intimidates me.  Swimmers intimidate me (accept for my lovely friend Susan).  Swimsuits make me want to scream (mostly because of my large chest- UGH!).  Swimming goggles just never fit right (either too loose so that I'm forever stopping to tighten them, or so tight that I have permanent markings/like a raccoon, around my eyes after I'm done).  However, swimming is kind of the thing I can do right now.
Last week I met with a Health Coach because I really felt like I needed a life overhaul.  I was grumpy, frustrated, and probably a little depressed.  My knee is about 50% and that of course bothers me.  I can't just ignore it though and go out and say "screw it" and run a mile or two- or else it swells up like a little grapefruit growing off my right knee.  So the coaching session was GREAT!  My health coach totally understood me and my needs. 
A couple of her comments stuck with me.  "don't tell yourself you are now destine to a life of swimming just tell yourself for the summer (aka time being) you are going to work on your swimming.  It is like a bandaid to get you through until you can ride a bike or better yet run again".  I liked this idea.  I liked the idea that swimming was my "bandaid".  She also said her co-worker said the following to her once and she shares it with her clients "you tell yourself stories, once in awhile throw a good one in".  A good reminder. 
Lastly, I was talking to her about different hobbies/passions of mine.  She wanted to know what types of activities I could do in place of running (both mentally and physically).  I talked to her about my desire to write a motivational type book about an everyday person who gets her "big" accomplished.  Yep the story of a part time professional, mom of two, wife, friend, etc who sets her eyes on her "big" (70.3 mile triathlon) and accomplishes it.  But, I told her I'm struggling to write it because I feel like a "fake".  I'm not feeling worthy of writing it because of the accident, surgery, and now SLOW recovery and somewhat doubtful return to my now "big" goal of running a 1/2 marathon.  She said think of this as your "phoenix".  I didn't get it at first, but basically- my rebirth or coming out of the fire/transformation from triathlete to injured frumpy/dumpy me to end-goal of healthier,happier being.  I like the visual of a bird flying out of the fire!
Image result for image of phoenix
So I got in the pool and did 20 minutes free style and 10 minutes kick board and 10 minutes running in water, toe raises and my step down knee bends.  It felt good.  So not back into the long lanes, but making my way there one day soon. 
Total other random note, not at all related to any of the above. I 've had to do a load of laundry today because I'm finding glitter dust all over last year's pants, jeans, pajamas, shorts (my summer clothes).  No idea what pixie has been in my closet from last year to this year.  Strange huh!

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