Saturday, June 18, 2011

Favorite Four...

Growing up I had an older cousin, one a year younger than me, and then my sister was two years younger than that cousin.  The four of us girls called ourselves the "favorite four".  Even though my sister and I  lived in Illinois growing up and our two cousins lived in Virginia I always loved our trips to the farm and looked forward to spending time with them.  O.k.  fast forward to present day: my sister and I each have two kids (each a boy and a girl).  These four cousins look forward to being with each other and spending time together.  This past week my sister was  in charge of my two, along with her two, at my parents house from Mon-Wed.  I got in late Wed night and we spent the rest of the weekday week together.  My sister was very organized with different themes for Mon-Wed (Mon was space day, Tue was Rock day, and Wed was Spy day).  On Monday some of their activities were building a rocket and going to the park to let it rise (2 ft in air- sister wasn't impressed), making space helmets out of milk jugs, and the food was even themed: Space balls and bomb pops for dinner.  Tuesday- Rock day: was great.  They learned about different kind of rocks, had fruity pebbles for breakfast and ended the night with a "rock" concert in their homemade tie dye shirts.  Wed- Spy day: each cousin had a secret Spy agent name: Gray Droid, Buzz light year, Little Bee, and Inspector Gadget.  They had to follow secret messages to find their afternoon snack and made secret surprise Dad day cards.  The week ended by a "no theme" Thursday, which Mason kept asking "Aunt Melissa what are we going to learn about today".  Instead we took them to every kids favorite- Chuckee Cheese and the swimming pool.  These four cousins will hopefully continue to enjoy each other for many years to come. 

Oh ,have to mention that my daughter hit it big at CC- pulled a 125 ticket from this lovely "easy for an almost 3 year old to play" game- Big Excitement as the tickets came pouring out. 

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