Monday, June 6, 2011

Update Monday...

So I'm better, but not the best.  I saw my PCP today and was reassured that I have just done muscular trauma, no major damage to spine, etc. I go to PT tomorrow and then follow-up with PCP next Monday to determine when I can go back to work.

So now what... changed some of my medications and got me on high dose anti-inflammatory so I can wean off narcotics/muscle relaxants.  She thinks Disney is a strong possibility so no canceling that trip yet.  She would like me to not plan on any training for Chicago until July and work on getting back to "everyday" living ability- which Matt and I both agree with.  So I feel better being reassured that the pain I'm feeling is not a bad pain it is just a healing pain.  I continue to have up and down moments mentally about the whole situation and to not help matters the last of the three fish died today- the whole start of this ordeal -the fish tank.  So I guess it is a symbol to start afresh.  Again, thanks to all of you who have called, emailed, visited.  It really helps my mental psyche.  So for now no more weekly training updates and I'll have to reassess when July 1st hits in regards to both the mini-sprint Tri in August and the Marathon in October. 

some of you read my blog and some don't so if you are getting this twice ignore

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