Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update saturday

So I've been better but am getting better too. I went to therapy yesterday and my PT Nicholas was great. I got to retell my story, go through some tests, and then start some exercises that I will be doing at home. He agrees that I didn't fracture,break or slip any discs. He thinks the muscle spasms are coming from the muscles/nerve being honked off about the trauma I caused during fall. He thinks I could be back walking on treadmill and biking on stationary early next week if I can tolerate the pain. The thing I took away from the visit was I will be in pain but that doesn't mean I'm causing further damage. So "no pain no gain" motto of the next days/weeks. Other best part of visit is he thinks i should plan to continue with our vacation at the end of the month and I will still be able to run marathon just have to readjust training schedule. So maybe getting my PR this year won't happen but at this point crossing finish line would be huge.

Thanks to all of those people who have carted me around and called/emailed to check in.

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  1. Glad to hear the good news from PT and that you will be up, moving around, and slowly progressing. We all know you will do your exercises and recover. Thinking of you!