Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Did I say running can be humbling?

So I've kind of held off on posting about running lately, because I didn't want to jinks myself.  Starting at the beginning of July I started back to running.  Matt, hubby, put together a running plan and I've been following it with no pain in the back or really anywhere.  So this week the schedule is 5,5,5,12.  My running partner/neighbor was so awesome tonight and watched my kids, fed them, and had dinner ready for me when I was done with running.  I ran tonight due to the fact that Matt has been out of town so I'm trying to get my runs in when I can.  So I'm doing my 5 mile run tonight and it is HOT!  I made the mistake of listening to the radio while running and got to hear that it was 90 degrees out while running with a heat index close to 100- GREAT! FANTASTIC!  Needless to say I had to walk a little tonight, because my legs were just feeling dead.  I couldn't believe how heavy my clothes felt when I got back from the run- HEAVY with the sweat from the great run.  Tomorrow I get to be humbled even further by running on the treadmill for 5 miles- that is about my max on the treadmill and that is with a movie, which I won't have due to having to run at the gym.  Oh well isn't it crazy what we do in the name of running. 

What is really funny is despite the horrible heat and the sweat dripping continuously into my eyes, despite wearing a "cool" bandanna- yep both the running hats were in the laundry so made my own sweat band- I felt really at peace running.  It is a total outlet for me and time to think about so many random things.  I really think physical activity can be some people's best therapy. 

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