Sunday, July 31, 2011

Running with Ragbrai

So Saturday I started around 6 am to get my long run (12 miles) for the week done.  I wasn't that excited about the run, due to my day of yard work/house work the day before.  I was feeling a little tired from the already 15 miles I had run that week.  However, I started off and soon found myself enjoying the run due to all of the interesting bikers, campers, buses, etc to look at for most of the run. Ragbrai hit Coralville on Friday July 29th.  Saturday the 30th riders were heading out of town onward to their next Iowa town.  Ragbrai is a week long bike ride across Iowa that changes the map/route for the riders every year.  At the end of my run I turned onto Camp Cardinal Blvd and felt like I was a runner due to the welcome sign welcoming the riders into Coralvillelle  along with all the College Signs- The day before was College Spirit day in Coralville- and college signs were lining the road as a welcome to the riders.  I felt like I was doing one of my long runs during football season- tailgating, etc-  with all the fun to look at instead of just focusing on how gosh awful hot it was Saturday morning.  I don't quite get the fun of Ragbrai as I watched riders after riders leaving Coralville in the already scorching heat Saturday a.m., but then again maybe people don't get my running 12 miles Saturday a.m. in the scorching heat either.

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