Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Reading

So this was a great book and totally easy summer reading.  Monic McInerney also wrote Alphabet Sisters which was a good read too.  I just love these kind of "no brainer", but yet a little mystery beach books.  It had great character development and multiple story lines, with one major one.  Really enjoyed it.  Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a break from the "heavy" stuff.  It always amazes me how you read one or two of an author's books and then you find out there are a lot more... 4 others to read on her list.  I did this with Jennifer Weiner at first too after reading "In Her Shoes", but she has had so many out now I can't keep up with her.  It always makes me wonder if a. the author had some of these books pre-written or 
b. she/he has a ghost writer who is helping them grind them out like a factory line.  I always think ghost writer when I start to not like the books that author puts out if there are too many in a couple of years. I needed a book like this and thank Monica for such a fun read. 

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