Monday, August 6, 2012

Mommy's Project 52: active

I think I've been avoiding this final "mommy's project" post because I have so enjoyed the weekly word/theme to post on.  I have decided that I will continue the mommy's project with where it started in 8/4/2011.  I joined late in this project so I will have some more weeks of topics to finish up on.  After I'm done, who knows, maybe I'll come up with my own list of Mommy's Project themes or maybe it will be more like ChattyNatty Project 52 :).  So here is the official last one- ACTIVE.

I never worry about our family being inACTIVE.  We like to stay moving- all of us.  This past weekend was no different.  Our whole family participated in a triathlon back home.  Husband and I both participated in the sprint tri and then the kids did the Kids tri following.
Oh to be young again and try something for the first time- Daughter's smile due to her being so darn excited to be old enough to participate with her brother in the Kids tri.

 Kids listening to rules/regulations for the Tri.  My little one was excited, but also sat next to her big brother like glue.  He was great with her.  Even though they were put in different heats he helped her line up and get in the pool.  
I didn't take my best action photos this race, must have been the lack of sugar in my noggin following my own Tri participation.  Here's my daughter tearing up the bike!

My son kind of cracked me up- he was somewhat coasting during the bike portion, almost like he was enjoying the ride.  He didn't tear it up quite as much as his younger sister.  

Here is our ACTIVE family.  Our kids have been great cheerleaders for us during our races over the years.  It is fun to be on the sidelines cheering for them now.  I hope to continue being an ACTIVE family- together.  

Side note- after we got home from our weekend away I was exhausted, not the little Triathletes- they were practicing for our own mini- Olympics that will be held this coming Thursday.  The kids have come up with appropriate laps around the blocks on bike, run (laps determined on age), basketball (how many baskets you can make in 2 minutes), soccer ( youngest no goalie, oldest and me have to go against "the coach" as goalie).  Boggles my mind how they have so much energy- guess I'm getting old.  

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