Sunday, August 5, 2012

Training week 8

Don't know where I was last week, but I was preoccupied an am a little behind with my training posts.  This post is the week after the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon.

I decided to take 2 days off after the race and then did 5 miles Wednesday morning.  I took it easy and felt good.  The next day I swam 400 meters in prep for upcoming sprint tri.  My swimming has been tough this year.  I haven't felt as confident with my swims and have struggled with continuous, no stopping for breaths or fixing goggles, etc laps and so felt deconditioned and out of breath this swim too.  Six days after the 1/2 marathon I did 10 miles.  I decided to punch it up a couple of miles.  In the past I only did 8 miles after my 1/2 marathon race in June.  I decided to increase it because I'm feeling a little behind on my long distance runs in prep for the marathon this fall.

Well maybe the 10 miles was too aggressive because the next day my right knee- actually the back of my right knee felt tweaked and sore.  Almost like I had sprained it.  So on Sunday instead of running and biking I just did a 25 minute spin on the bike at rec center.  Coach (aka hubby) questioned my pushing the mileage after doing the 1/2 6 days prior.  I am finding it hard to find a balance to trying to push a little bit more in regard to mileage and speed while not negating the importance of rest days and avoiding injury.  I'm hoping to walk that fine line throughout this training season and come out on the upside of the line- keep you posted.

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