Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Training Week 12

I was pretty darn sluggish/tired/physically "spent" this past week.  Don't know if my body knew it was a step down week or what, but it was a slow going week despite being one of my lower mileage weeks.  I got up 5:30 a.m. Tuesday and went out for my 5 mile loop and just didn't have the legs and towards the end the back of my right knee started not feeling right, so I cut the run short and ended up doing 4.5.  The next morning I planned to do the same 5 mile loop and again I had tired legs, but no knee pain so I made myself do the full 5.  Then, as you past blog post readers remember, I had my issue with my new cool GPS watch not working on Friday and I ended up doing a 8.68 mile run (instead of the 10 I was suppose to have done) in the morning on Friday.  So when we headed to the rec center to go and swim with kids and husband after work/school I had to get my full 10 in for the day so I hopped on a treadmill and did 1.5 miles.  Then my last  run of the week was one of my slowest, but it was slow for a good reason.  My son and I participated in the "Get Moving for Healthy Kids" 5K.  This race raises money for school run health clinic that serves the uninsured, etc.  Some of my colleagues staff the clinic so a great cause and way to support friends.  Last year my son and I just attended the race, but this year the whole family went.

Race day was extremely WET!  There wasn't lightning, but it was a steady rain and I was soaked to the bones by the end of it.  My son and I got our goody bags and bibs and huddled under my daughter and husband's umbrellas until we had to go down and get ready for the start.  I had already taken our bags back to the car when I realized people had timing chips on their shoes.  Total bummer- I hadn't checked the bag out indepthly and they had never used timing chips in the past so I was caught off guard and we didn't have time to run back and put them on, so no official time for us two.  We did o.k. the first 0.8 miles, but the rain really put a damper on the run and my sons shoes were soaked and the middle of the race was somewhat slow going.  However, he kicked it in at the end and we finished strong- like his mom and dad like to finish :).  Following the race my daughter participated in the 100 meter dash and my son and daughter participated in the 400 meter dash.  My little girl did awesome.  She got third place for her age group in the 400 meter and my son got fourth for his age group, which I thought was great considering he had just finished the 5K with me.

Wish it hadn't rained so much so I could have gotten action shots of these awesome young runners.

 Another week of training down- my cross training has stank and I'm really being honest with myself and don't know that I have desire to put it back in to the weekly work out line up, but deep down inside I know if I don't I'll question did I give this year's training my all. 23 miles for week 12- Training To be continued....

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