Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training week 13

I know, I know, so boring for you non-runners and probably some of you runners too.  Another post about my week of training.  So I will keep it short, because I still have another post on wonderful books I've been reading, one on August quotes/running recap, and yes I haven't forgotten I said I was going to finish doing "mommy's project 52" topics I didn't get to this past year.  So the quick and dirty...

Tuesday early a.m.  ran 5 miles in 54 minutes.  I felt alright
Wednesday early a.m. ran 5 miles in 52 minutes. I felt good.
Thursday mid morning 8 miler in one hour 20 minutes.  Felt even better than Tue, Wed.
Saturday early morning 18 miler in 3 hours 15 minutes and 59 seconds.  I had extreme pain in my "sits bones" for the last 2-3 miles- in other words " my ASS hurt".  It was a good run because I ran all 18, but the butt pain and my slow time are "debbie downers".  However, I must move on because other than sitting my butt on the foam roller and rolling those sore muscles out (another great post idea/topic!) I can't change much.

Upcoming week is a step down week (5, 8,5,12).  Plus due to the month away from the marathon I will not only be making myself do more stretching to avoid the butt pain, but will also not be partaking in any more baked goods, candy, etc.  I just have to know I gave this my all!

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