Thursday, September 13, 2012

My morning on "hamster wheel"

I conquered. "the wheel". I ran 8 miles in 1hr 15 min. So what did I do for that hour and 15 min?

I listened to two Another Mother Runner podcasts and then switched over to my "girl power" playlist. A little Aretha, Katy, Florence and the machine, and Kelly helped me finish strong.

It was a good run and my time was good. That is one advantage with treadmill you can set your pace and just run. The towel over the treadmill is a must for two reasons: I sweat a lot- so quick way to towel off and secondly watching the time and mileage is mentally taxing on me.

Glad I got the 8 miler in and so glad didn't lose my sanity during the run. Hopefully I won't have to be challenged like that again for a long time.

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