Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's your go-to song?

I had planned to send this request/favor out to you guys who read my posts a few days ago, but just didn't get around to it.  Better late than never...

  I'm getting ready for Chicago next Sunday and so I thought I should update my playlist and put in some new tunes to get me motivated for the big race.  I have put together several playlists over the years and have found that on race day some songs get skipped despite being some of my favorites- sometimes you just don't feel it.  I therefore, always over estimate my time on the road to make sure I have enough songs to get me to the finish line.  I also always just hit my shuffle so that I'm kept guessing on race day and looking forward to what I will be running to over the next mile or when it gets really long- what I will be running to the next minute.

So I'm asking you- What is your favorite "go-to" song?  You could run the race with me next Sunday when I add it to my Playlist.

So my BRB must have ESP because before I could get this post out she asked when she could "drop something by my house".  So I swung by on my way home tonight from errands and picked up - a lovely gift of 4 CDs full of new songs she had burned for me from her music library.  Now I know what this means: it means a mom of 3 who does tons for her family and friends took time to organize these great CDs for me.  Now she is pretty techno savy so I'm sure it didn't take her long, but still it is time and for a mom time is a very valuable commodity.  Thanks for the tunes- so looking forward to listening to them tonight as I watch Saturday night College football- and  making my first draft of Chicago 2012 playlist even better!

So let me know what song you would add and after the race I'll share my playlist with you so you can know who/what song made the cut.

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