Sunday, September 30, 2012

Training week 17

Can't believe it- tomorrow starts my last week of training with the last run of the week being Chicago -Sunday 8 a.m. start.  These 18 weeks have flown by.  I only have a 4 mile and 3 mile left before Sunday's big run.

Here is my recap from this past week:
Tuesday early a.m. 4 miler
Wednesday early a.m 4.5 miler
Friday mid-morning, while youngest at preschool 8 miler
Sunday/today late morning run after church 4 mile - Not giving the times this week- just doesn't matter.

It was a good week.  I feel pretty relaxed going into this week, my last week of training.  My goals for the week: eat healthy, keep hydrated (not with caffeine products: too much java or pop), take it easy ( no major cleaning/projects around the home), and last but not least: good sleep!  That one is hard for me due to my love for reading- so I'll have to get to bed earlier if I want to get my daily fix of a good book.

Speaking of...
I thought it was a perfect way to end my book finishing listening to my recent running buddy- "The Friday Night Knitting Club".  It was a great companion (audiobook) I listened to during the last few weeks of running.  Kate Jacobs, author, did a fantastic job of character development along with giving each of these different characters/ladies interesting stories of their own which were interwoven together.  When I googled the book I was happy to read that Julia Roberts is producing the movie based on this book and that there is a sequel "Knit Two" out also.  I look forward to reading or listening to it soon.  Great week to end week 17.

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