Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mommy's Project 52: teaching

Teaching is I think a  fundamental part of being a parent.  Whether we want to recognize it or not we "teach" our kids all the time.  We "teach" them through our actions, words, behaviors, ideas, and outlook.  We "teach" them in little ways: how to open those darn yogurt containers and in big ways: how to read a book.  But the thing is we are being taught at the same time.  My kids each have taught me many different things- here are a few....

1. Never wake sleeping babies.
2. If a baby doesn't like a pacifier within the first 1-2 weeks of life try it again, they may surprise you and like it.
3. Kids eventually do sleep through the night.
4. Yelling really doesn't accomplish anything but teaching them how to yell back at you or others.  (it is the worst to hear your child yell or say something in anger that you have said yourself- they've learned it from someone- you).
5. Each child/sibling is different no matter if they came from the same two people.
6. If you expose kids to a variety of different arts/entertainments/sports/books- they will be just as eccentric as their parents.
7. Christmas isn't really about the presents, it is about the memories and time together.  From my youngest, I've learned that the Christmas presents she "really, really" wants are normally the ones least  played with- go figure.
8. They are little kids, but have emotions just like big people: crabby, moody, unexplainable- so just give  them love, ignore the outbursts, and try to not take their behavior personally (still trying to learn that last one).
9. Talk to them about their days like the little "big" people they are and they will be excited to share their days with you.
10. Parenting is the toughest job I've ever had, but most rewarding.

I think 10 is enough for now- Thanks for teaching me my children!

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