Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One of those days- random thoughts from Tuesday

Have I ever shared that I have test anxiety. Yep I do. I'm just not a good test taker. One of my friends said that is just an excuse for people who don't know the material. He's probably right, but he is one of those smarties. I had to take a test today and I did OK but was annoyed because a lot of the ?'s I could get it down to two options and inevitably I'd pick the wrong one.

I have a "to do" list that seems to be growing and growing and growing. There just isn't enough time in the day. I have things at work, home and family stuff it just never ends. When I'm tired my " to do" list kind of overwhelms me.

Lastly, I'm coming up on becoming president for our nurse practitioner organization and I want to do a really great job and again have all these lofty goals/ideas and again feel a tad overwhelmed. So much a leader can do in an organization- good and bad. I'm hoping I'm a lot of the "good" type leader.

So take home from random thoughts for Tuesday- take a breath, go down the "to do" list one by one (kind of like marathon training- one week at a time, instead of looking at the 18 week training plan and becoming discouraged), and lastly curl up with a good book and go to bed early :).

Side note- my youngest just said "mom you can do lower case, good job". She's my little over achiever also felt good to receive pat on back from 4 year old.

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