Friday, August 16, 2013

For Sale

So this may explain why my writing has really not been up to par lately.  Our house is for sale and we are building a house.   To see a for sale sign in your yard, your first yard, your first house, your home you've raised thus far two children who love each other, their parents, grandparents and cousins along with other family members very much.  To say this is "surreal" is likely an understatement, but not surprisingly I'm not too emotional.  This kind of event happens to hit my emotion button at weird times.  For instance, my youngest is getting ready to head to kindergarten and I can guarantee I won't be a mom teary eyed at kindergarten drop off, but catch me on some Friday morning at our local Starbucks and I'll have tears in my eyes because my youngest won't be sharing "coffee time" with me, but instead becoming "educated". 

It has been a crazy summer, and crazy year- really.  The process of building your "forever home" is exciting, intimidating, scary, empowering, and real life chaos.  However, our process has been relatively smooth thus far, with no "huge" bumps in the road.  (Knock on wood).  Our house  getting ready for the market was stressful, hard, hard work, and at times not the friendliest environment between husband and wife, but thanks to great in-laws and awesome kids and equally hard working spouse and myself the house is in tip top shape and we are already reaping the benefits of our hard work by some 1st and 2nd showings within the first 24 hours of being on the market. 

So now what- yes we have a few more things to finalize for our new house and a few "to do's" on the old house, but it feels strange not to be so frantic. I'm utterly inpatient and so waiting for the house inspection of our current home will likely drive me to drink heavy "chattynatty" pours if I'm not careful.  However,  not to be eating dinner at 9:45 pm every night of the work week due to not having to do manual labor when getting home from our normal "work day" will be nice.  So I kind of feel strangely at unease with this "free time".  This "what are we going to do when this is all done"- thoughts will haunt my I fear.  I know I'm strange, but I got the same way when my wedding was over- I got kind of sad.  Not that the house is over, but it is the thought of it ending that makes me a little sad.  Of course, I will be so grateful for the beautiful- "forever"- home we will have, but it is strange to think of what will fill my time- I know, I know, stop whining or moping and enjoy life- Yes that is what I will do! 

So for now, having a little beer to celebrate our week's work and enjoying the fact that I get to sit and write about this instead of thinking of it in my head and not having the time to write it down. 

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