Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A run- I'm done

This morning I had to get on my treadmill to run 3 miles before getting myself ready for work and kids ready for before school program (single mom this week with hubby at training all week).

I am not a treadmill runner. I can't go long and I don't run fast so the "mill" isn't my first choice of workout options, but three miles I can do that.

Or can I? I pretty much knew the minute I started it was going to be one of those runs where I'm constantly in need of water (aka- I can't run and drink so if I drink that means I'm not running :)), or I'm constantly moving the towel to see my time and how far I've gone. You know if you peek every minute or two it really doesn't make it go any faster.

What was my problem? Why am I feeling so mentally and physically done? My ideas/answers in no particular order:
1. I'm needing a rest from running.
2. The wonderful heat wave
3. My 3rd grader, who I swear has the best selective hearing and ability to push my buttons to no end (if anyone has advice on how to instill coping skills and anti-frustration power for 3rd grader working on spelling words- well be it anything for the first time that he doesn't get perfect right away let me know). I reverted back to some WT mom yelling last night and that always bothers me.
4. I'm getting old- no I don't mean nursing home ready- just reality that maybe I will always be a 10 min miler, 9:30 at best with long distances.
5. I'm lazy- I'm not pushing myself.

So I only ran 2 miles. I just couldn't/didn't want to go any longer. It took me 20 min 58 sec. I got off the "mill" and you would have thought I'd run 6 or 10. I'm not writing this for sympathy or support. I'm writing this to share that running is real and life affects it. We all have off days, I'm hoping this is just one for this week and doesn't become a pattern or I may need either a rest or hubby to tell me to "suck it up" and push through it.

Now I'm sitting waiting for the courtesy car driver to stop dinking around so I can get to work- days got to get better. It is only 7:45.
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