Thursday, August 15, 2013

July Running Recap

These days I seem to be behind on everything. I'm helping my daughter do thank you notes for her birthday that occurred at end of June. So I guess posting about July's running halfway into August isn't horrible- right?

I ran a total if 53 miles in the month of July. This is in stark contrast to where I was last year (80+). However, it is a different year of training for me. When training for 1/2s you don't decide to go further than 13.1- or at least I don't so my higher mileage runs just aren't there. I ran the Chicago Women's 1/2 at the end of June and so the first week in July was recovery and mainly July was a focus on bike, swim and run in prep for tri. My longest run in July- 6.

So what I'm learning- I like running, but if I don't have longer distance race I'm training for I just don't get in the higher mileage. This is ok but makes the goal of 1,000 miles a year pretty unrealistic. So I will keep running and training for my last 1/2 of the year and then move forward and reassess for next year's goal.

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