Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oswego Tri

Before I forget the details or just move onto another event I'm making myself sit down and eat dinner at 9:30 pm and write this post about the Oswego "I tried a Triathlon" husband and I participated in this past Sunday.
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                                                    This is the before     This is the after

We have done the event before.  We both placed third for our age group last year.  This year we both wanted to do better.  I wanted to be better in both the swim and the bike and husband was diligent with going to the pool weekly at least and thus wanted to do better at swim.  He also purchased a nice road bike this year and we were hoping the nicer bike would make the 6 miles go by even faster for him. 

Well- we both accomplished what we wanted to... I placed third again for my age group (official time 50:30   - breakdown 250 yd swim 5:01, 6 mile bike 26:29, and 2.1 mile run 18 min).  My swim went much better, less anxiety and smoother strokes this year.  My bike was great and I felt strong.  Husband improved to- took a minute off his swim time and 3 minutes off bike time, plus he is just fast when it comes to running.  However, my overall time was about a minute slower than last year.  It wasn't do to my effort, but instead due to being a girl, who needs a little support (if you know what I mean) and struggled getting my sports tank on over my wet swim suit.  I put the tank on and took it off at least two times because I kept on getting my arm tangled in the wrong whole of the sport tank (it had a bra and a tank together).  So I finally got my self situated and was off, but I felt like I lost precious time with the mess up at the swim/bike transition.  Next year I'm going to plan on swimming with my running bra over my swimsuit and then throw a shirt on after the swim therefore no arms going in the wrong hole problem. 

I really enjoyed the tri and am feeling the urge to go bigger with participation in longer triathlons, but just not sure I'm ready financially to make the commitment (definitely need a new bike if I'm going to ride longer, likely would need a wet suit if participating in tri that takes place in cooler temp/time of the year).  You know me and my grand ideas- I'll of course let you know if any of it comes to fruition.

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She is so proud!

Lastly, my favorite part of the tri, other than when it is over and I get to have a Popsicle :)... is watching my daughter, nephew and niece participate in the kid's tri following our event.  It is super short, but the kids love it.  My son is too old to participate and he is already making comments like, "mom I have four years to train for the tri"- yep 12 year olds can participate in the Oswego tri- my sister thinks his first time out he will smoke both my husband and me- She's probably right!

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The kid tri participants- Yep they got a ribbon and Popsicle just like me :).

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