Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marathon Weekend

Two of my favorite peeps asked me what I felt like with the Chicago Marathon weekend upon me and me not running. 

I feel kind of peaceful.  I'm looking forward to  being on the sideline cheering my husband on.  I'm looking forward to seeing the Elite Runners, the average runners, the fans/spectators, and of course my favorite city Chicago.  It will be a different race this year, because instead of having our kids, and family present cheering whichever VW(s) running the race on- there will likely be just me on the sidelines.  I'll keep you posted on the race experience as a singleton. 

Last year when I was running the Springbrook Trail in Illinois in November and had that "aha" moment of "I'm not going to run a marathon in 2013" I think it was a good "aha" for me.  I got to do 3 1/2 marathons, a sprint tri, and some other fun 5K's with the kids.  All 3 races were in different seasons.  The spring one was a hilly one and I did good, but no PR.  The summer one was HOT! and I just didn't jive/get my normal race mojo and hence did OK, but no PR.  The sprint tri was good, but times weren't as great as last year- I truly blame that on my horrible Transition (sport's bra issues going from swim to bike).  Last 1/2 is next Sunday and who knows what it will bring, but since this training schedule has been my most lax to date in regard to diet, no true interval training, and no ban on alcohol I'm assuming I won't PR it either. 

So no fast race times for me this year, but again I feel pretty peaceful.  I feel like I'm still able to drive around town proudly with my Running Girl magnet on the back of my car.  I am a runner. 

So to all those buddies of mine who are either racing in Chicago or have other races upcoming I hope you have great runs, maybe even some PRs, and call yourself a runner, too. 

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